Introducing: Claire Rimbaud | PostDoc in the Project Part “Information Provision in Credence Goods Markets” 

rimbaud.jpgClaire Rimbaud grew up in Marseille, in the South of France and spent the first two years of her undergrad studying humanities (sociology, French literature, etc.) followed by a Bachelor in econometrics in Lyon. She was driven to experimental economics after watching a YouTube video by Marie-Claire Villeval (her future PhD adviser). She continued her studies with a Master in behavioral economics at the Nottingham University and a master in micro-econometrics at the University of Lyon. During her PhD studies, she also visited the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia for one semester. 

Claire is particularly interested in understanding how beliefs influence decisions. In her PhD thesis she focused on the role and determinants of guilt-aversion, and tried to answer the following question: To what extent do people avoid disappointing others’ expectations? Outside of her PhD, she works on a project on the motivated interpretation of the absence of information, in the context of label credence goods. 

Looking back at the different places she lived in and thinking about Innsbruck as her future home from autumn onwards, she says: 

I considered myself lucky to have had (and still have) the opportunity to live abroad and I hope it has raised me to be open-minded and flexible. Living in Innsbruck represents a new challenge as it is the first time I will live in country where I do not understand (yet) the language!

Leaving professional life aside, Claire likes to play board games in winter, going on small hikes in spring, sunbathing in summer, and baking cakes in autumn. Ideally, together with her friends or her partner.

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Innsbruck - Cold weather, warm heart

Experiments – Causal Inference

Economics – At the intersection of many other sciences

Biggest societal problem? – The BIGGEST one might be obesity 😉 (more seriously: environmental issues) 

Wiener Schnitzel or Couscous? - What about French cuisine?

Snowy mountains or sandy beaches? - As long as it is sunny! 

Skiing, cycling, shopping or couch surfing? - Picnicking

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