Introducing: Essi Kujansuu | PostDoc in the Project Part “Field Experiments in Credence Goods Markets” 


Essi Kujansuu from Finland stumbled on experimental economics in the first year of her Ph.D. studies at the European University Institute, Italy, after having studied in the UK and Denmark. Although central banks and interest rates were the thing that got her first interested in economics in high school, the scientific philosophy of experimental economics and the types of questions that it enabled to study got her hooked immediately. Essi is interested in understanding how individuals make decisions especially when they interact and influence each other. What is fair in a particular situation? How can these interactions be improved, for example, with nudges?

Essi will defend her Ph.D. in June and will officially start in and move to Innsbruck in July. She will be part of Rudi’s team in the project part on “Field Experiments in Credence Goods Markets”. Leaving professional life aside, if you are looking for an addition to your (non-serious!) sports team, feel free to reach out to Essi as well. She has experience in floor ball and 5-a-side football. (Not sure, if it’s only me who had to google this, but here’s a link just in case:


Word rap 

Innsbruck – Winter sports

Experiments – Real people 

Economics – The art of circumventing philosophical questions with math

Biggest societal problem? Inequality & poverty

Wiener Schnitzel or Couscous? Wiener Schnitzel on a special occasion, couscous otherwise

Snowy mountains or sandy beaches? Snowy mountains

Skiing, cycling, shopping or couch surfing? Skiing (& snowboarding)

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