Introducing: Adrià Bronchal | PostDoc in the Project Parts “Information Provision in Credence Goods Markets” and “Insurance Schemes in Markets for Credence Goods”


Adrià Bronchal from Spain is about to defend his PhD thesis at the ESADE Business School and will join us as a PostDoc in the two Project Parts “Information Provision in Credence Goods Markets” (PI: Esther Blanco) and “Insurance Schemes in Markets for Credence Goods” (PI: Loukas Balafoutas) in July. In his research, Adrià uses different experimental approaches to better understand how social and group identity shape individuals’ relationships and decisions. During his PhD studies he has developed a strong interest in Identity Economics, analyzing the triggers of discrimination patterns and implications of discriminatory behavior in several social and economic contexts. Beyond that he has worked as a research assistant in areas such as rational choice, gender gaps, or financial decision making.

Besides his professional experience, Adrià has been competing for 20 years in “hoquei patins” (rollhockey) which is the incredibly fast Mediterranean version of ice hockey on 8 wheels (see for example here). Nowadays he prefers playing pàdel or board games. 


Word rap

Innsbruck - I need to buy a very warm coat.

Experiments - Let's start!

Economics - uuffff…. It has allowed me to understand much more than Economics

Biggest societal problem? - Poverty.

Wiener Schnitzel or Couscous? - I have not tried any yet.

Snowy mountains or sandy beaches? - Mountains in winter, beaches in summer.

Skiing, cycling, shopping or couch surfing? - I will always be open to discuss it while having a beer (or hot wine, which I neither have tried) and playing pool.


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