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WorkNet_NoLegend The SFB F63 "Credence Goods, Incentives and Behavior" is a joint research project including the project part leaders Loukas Balafoutas, Esther Blanco, Jürgen Huber, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Michael Kirchler, and Markus Walzl.

The project’s aim is to analyze key determinants of individual behavior and market performance in credence goods markets with a variety of methods, combining theoretical work, laboratory experiments and field experiments. The research group consists of more than 30 scholars from economics and finance, thus bridging research across both fields.

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Prominent researchers’ work gets published more easily

Research work by renowned researchers is rated significantly better than work by lesser-known researchers, despite the same quality. This was the conclusion reached by a team of researchers led by Jürgen Huber from the Department of Banking and Finance in a recently published study. [more]

Related Publications

Huber, J., Inoua, S., Kerschbamer, R., König-Kersting, C., Palan, S., Smith, V. (2022), Nobel and Novice: Author Prominence Affects Peer Review. PNAS. [more]

Hedegaard, M., Kerschbamer, R., Mueller, D., Tyran, J.-R. (2021), Distributional Preferences Explain Behavior across Games and Time. Games and Economic Behavior. [more]

Bindra, C., Kerschbamer, R., Neururer, D., Sutter, M. (2021), On the Value of Second Opinions: A Credence Goods Field Experiment. Economic Letters. [more]

Balafoutas, L., Kerschbamer, R. (2020), Credence goods in the literature: What the past fifteen years have taught us about fraud, incentives, and the role of institutions. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. [more]

Kirchler, M., Lindner, F., Weitzel, U. (forthcoming), Rankings and risk-taking in the finance industry. Journal of Finance. [more]

Holzmeister, F., Huber, J., Kirchler, M., Lindner, F., Weitzel, U., Zeisberger, S. (2020), What drives risk perception? A global survey with financial professionals and lay people. Management Science. [more]

Sutter, M., Huber, J., Kirchler, M., Stefan, M., Walzl, M. (2020), Where to look for the morals in markets. Experimental Economics. [more]

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