POPBIO 2018 - Travel information

How to get to Innsbruck

  • By Airplane

Innsbruck has an Airport (INN), you can check flights under https://www.innsbruck-airport.com/en. Buses from Innsbruck Airport (Flughafen) towards the center are running on line F. https://www.ivb.at/de/fahrgast/linien/linienuebersicht.html

The closest large airport is located in Munich (MUC), Germany https://www.munich-airport.com/passengers-visitors-75328.

From Munich, it is easy to take the train to Innsbruck (total travel time 2,5-3 hours). Take the subway (S8) from the airport to Munich East Train Station (München Ost; 30 min). From Munich East Train station, catch a train to Innsbruck (1,5 h). Search your train under: http://fahrplan.oebb.at/bin/query.exe/en

If you like traveling by bus, you can find a long-distance bus from Munich International Airport under Flixbus (see By Bus).

  • By Car

You can reach Innsbruck by car driving on the freeway A12 from West (Switzerland) and East (Vienna, Czech Republic) directions. Coming from South (Italy), freeway A13 leads to Innsbruck. Coming from North (Germany), freeway A8 passes on to freeway A12 which leads you to Innsbruck; or alternatively coming from Munich, follow highway No. 11 passing B177. Find a street map under: https://www.viamichelin.at/web/Karten-Stadtplan/Karte_Stadtplan-Osterreich

Parking: If you do not have the possibility to park your car at your accommodation, you can park at “Hafen” for € 5,- per day (Westside of Innsbruck). https://www.innsbruck.info/en/facilities/details/infrastruktur/park-ride-hafen-innsbruck.html.

In the Eastside there is a parking place at “Olympiaworld”. https://www.innsbruck.info/en/facilities/details/infrastruktur/park-ride-olympiaworld-innsbruck.html

  • By Train

You can easily travel to Innsbruck Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) by train. Please check the homepage of ÖBB Train lines for your city of departure. http://fahrplan.oebb.at/bin/query.exe/en

  • By Bus

There is also an opportunity to travel by bus. Flixbus is the most common long-distance bus that arrives in Innsbruck. Please check your city of departure under https://www.flixbus.co.uk/?_ga=2.104241920.1452098285.1508860080-582775320.1508860080


Getting around in Innsbruck

  • By Bus & Tram

There are several bus lines running around Innsbruck. See all availabilities under "Conference Venue" and on the homepage of IVB: https://www.ivb.at/de/fahrgast/linien/linienuebersicht.html

  • By Bike

Innsbruck offers an open bike rental system. You can rent a city bike "Stadtrad" on several stations and return the bike at a station close to your destination. Just register online (or at one of the stations), get your bike and return it after riding. How to do it: https://stadtrad.ivb.at/ausleihen/so-gehts.html. Where stations are: https://stadtrad.ivb.at/standorte.html



Have a look on the map to find all Locations of PopBio 2018.
For an interactive version of this map please go here
Here are the GPS Data of the Locations for your easier finding.
47,257648 11,351307 Airport: Fürstenweg 180, A-6020 Innsbruck
47,263341 11,400490 Railway Main Station: Südtiroler Platz 7, A-6020 Innsbruck
47,264057 11,384447 Conference Venue: Innrain 52, A-6020 Innsbruck, also see here
47,267669 11,380719 Organizing Comittee: Department of Botany and Botanical Garden, Sternwartestraße 15, A-6020 Innsbruck
47,274009 11,396786 Conference Dinner: Rennweg 12, A-6020 Innsbruck; also see here
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