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Application process

Application phase has expired. If you still want to be part of IMC2019, please get in touch with us via and we will try to make it possible :-)
IMC2019 application/participation types

A. IMC2019 Workshop & Poster

With this type of participation, you aim to work on the questions and issues raised in the workshop description. You will introduce yourself and your opinion on the raised points within a 3 min. flash talk at the beginning and contribute to the discussion and output of the workshop afterwards. See also – What is an IMC2019 workshop?

Please consider that your workshop abstract (max. 300 words) should ideally help the moderators to get an idea how your expertise could contribute to discuss/answer issues raised in the workshop description so that they can carefully prepare the workshop moderation. Nevertheless, if you feel uncertain what you should write, don't worry, there is no right/wrong and all formats are fine!


As a special service to all conference participants and to better get in touch with the local society (in 2019, the University of Innsbruck celebrates its 350 year anniversary), we invite all workshop participants to also bring a poster which does one of the following:

(1) Summarizes your contribution to the workshop on a poster (in this case, you might use the same abstract twice)

(2) Presents any specific piece of research you are currently working on and you would like to discuss with other conference participants beyond/outside the workshop

(3) Summarizes your recent research activities (like a scientific business card).


B. IMC2019 Specific Research Poster

With this type of participation, you present a research poster without being actively involved in a workshop. Your research will be discussed during poster sessions and you are also welcome to attend any workshop as listener as long as room capacity allows.


IMC2019 application procedure

Please register and submit (December 3rd 2018 - February 14th 2019 1700 UTC+1) your abstracts by using ConfTool


What else?

Conference registration will start when the application process is finished. 

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