Universität Innsbruck


Skyline Innsbruck


  • Weather and climate modeling in the Alps: from the early beginnings to climate change by Christoph Schär
  • The deep prehistory of the human presence in the world's mountains and plateaus by Mark Aldenderfer
  • The significance of continuous comprehensive observations: From atmospheric clustering via feedback loops to global climate and air quality by Markku Kulmala
  • Alpine biota under environmental change by Christian Körner
  • Lowland inhabitants depend increasingly on mountain water resources: A global view from mid-20th to mid-21st century by Daniel Viviroli
  • Integrated Research on Disaster Risk: challenges and opportunities for the future of Mountains by Irasema Alcántara Ayala
  • Mapping the growing overtourism sentiment in Europe: what residents tell us by Olivier Henry-Biabaud
  • Mountain agriculture in the bioeconomy by Hilde Björkhaug


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