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Workshops @ IMC2019

In the first part of the workshop, participants introduce themselves and their contribution ("flash talks", around 3min/participant with presentation slides as defined by the WS moderators) to the issues raised in the workshop description. In the second part, the workshop moderators lead a discussion toward a synthesis on the workshop topic/questions. 

During the coffee break following the workshop (see program), WS moderators and participants are encouraged to visit the posters assigned to the WS.

Workshop moderator @ IMC2019

Workshop moderators

  • suggest the workshop topic
  • select the submitted workshop contributions (review phase)
  • prepare (based on the submitted abstracts and "pre-conference" communications with participants where adequate) and moderate the workshop (discussions)
  • prepare a summary/synthesis (form will be provided) to be published online (shortly after the workshop, still within the conference) and to be used for the conference synthesis to be presented on Thursday (preliminary) and to be published in a Journal later

All workshop moderators are also invited to submitted contributions to their or other workshops and to prepare a poster for the poster exhibitions. Furthermore, workshop moderators are encouraged to think about initiatives towards review papers based on the workshop contributions and discussions. 


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