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Thursday, July 11, Afternoon 14:30-16:00: Concurrent Sessions I

I A: Systematic and historical views on migration (Dekanatssitzungssaal = DSS – KRP 1, Room No. 104)

Chair: Mathias Moosbrugger

1) Jean-Marc Bourdin: All of us are migrants

2) Miguel Rolland: Migration and Identity Appropriation in Ancient Mesoamerica

3) Camila Esguerra / Roberto Solarte: Sharks, Angels or others like us

I B: Mimetic Theory, Politics, and the Apocalypse (Seminarraum I = SR I – KRP 1, Room No. 048)

Chair: Stephen McKenna

1) Carmen Dell`Aversano: Two notes on terminology and one on point of view: new Girardian perspectives on othering

2) Brian W. Nail: Unanimity, Precarity, and Mutuality: The Biopolitics of Sacrifice and the Future of Girardian Discourse

3) Stephen Gardner: The End of the Post-War Era and the Apocalypse of Man

I C: Constructions of the Other in Jihadism, the Need for Common Norms and a Biblical Perspective  (Seminarraum III = SR III – KRP 1, Room No. 217)

Chair: Nikolaus Wandinger

1) Joel Hodge: Militant Jihadism: Indiscriminate violence on behalf of the victim

2) Wilhelm Guggenberger: Interpersonal encounter and common norms in times of migration

3) Bong Deock Lee: Diachrony in the Bible (via Skype)

I D: Migration in Film (Hörsaal I = HS 1 – KRP 3, Room No. E09)

Chair: Martha Reineke

1) Marina Ludwigs: ‘Beings’ telling refusal of themselves as a whole’: A Phenomenology of Encounter in Abbas Kiarostami’s The Wind Will Carry Us. (45 min)

2) Matthew Packer: Migration and Mimesis in Contemporary Fiction and Film: Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Sympathizer, Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West, and Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow. (45 min) 

I E: Theology, Migration & Politics (Madonnensaal = MS – KRP 3, Room No. 201)

Chair: Thérèse Onderdenwijngaard

1) Michael Kirwan: The Nightingale and the Paraclete: to honour Friedrich Spee

2) Matthew Tan: The Trauma of Migrants and the Event of Christ

3) Felicity McCallum: Mimetic theory, colonial culpability and the ascent to communion. The charred place of response to ‘Ecce Agnus Dei’ for dispossessed peoples.

I F: Politics & Social Construction (Seminarraum VI = SR VI – KRP 3, Room No. 102)

Chair: Pablo Bandera

1) Gustavo Vasconcelos: Modern criminal penalty: between sacrifice and forgiveness

2) Susan Wright: Can anything good come of populism?

3) Ivan Blecic / Fabio Bacchini / Emanuel Muroni: On Mimetic Hypothesis and the Production of Space

I G: Girard in Dialogue with Levinas (Seminarraum VII = SR VII – KRP 3, Room No. 103)

Chair: Wolfgang Palaver

1) Tania Checchi: Time, the City and the Other: Girard and Levinas on Babel

2) David García-Ramos Gallego: Levinasian reading and Girardian subjects in the case of Nationalism in Spain: Strangers, aliens, foreigners, and other victims and prosecutors.

3) Joachim Duyndam / Renée van Riessen: Forgiveness and Mimetic Theory

Friday, July 12, Morning 11:00-12:30: Concurrent Session II

II A: Spotlights on Problems of Migration (Dekanatssitzungssaal = DSS – KRP 1, Room No. 104)

Chair: Suzanne Ross

1) Johan Van der Walt: When Time Breaks: The Hiatus of Refugee Status

2) Tomás Guevara Aladino: Forced displacement, stereotypes and responsibility

3) Angela Rinaldi: Educational Processes favouring the Human Development of Unaccompanied Minor Migrants: René Girard Mimetic Theory as a key to interpretation

II B: Mimesis in Art and Literature (Seminarraum I = SR I – KRP 1, Room No. 048)

Chair: William Johnsen

1) Petra Steinmair-Pösel / Thomas Stuke: Looking Through the Ghostly Veil of the Other

2) Martha J. Reineke: An Ambivalence of the Heart: Rougemont, D’Arcy, and Girard

3) Joakim Wrethed: “In an Artist’s Studio” by Christina Rossetti as Seeing Without Seeing: Girard, Heidegger, Scotus and Marion

II C: Mimetic Theory and Social Contexts (Seminarraum III = SR III – KRP 1, Room No. 217)

Chair: Susan Wright

1) Marc Réveillon: The right to poverty

2) Claudio Lanza: Archaeology Violence and Conflict: A Conceptual Case for Mimetic Rivalry

3) Sandor Goodhart: Two Exiles: Sigmund Freud and René Girard

II D: Mimetic Mechanisms in the Media (Hörsaal I = HS 1 – KRP 3, Room No. E09)

Chair: Dietmar Regensburger

1) Kirstin Breitenfellner: How can we talk about victims in the media?

2) António Machuco Rosa: Mimetic desire, exclusion, polarization in social digital networks

3) Kathleen M. Vandenberg: Mimetic Consumption of the “Wild:” Travel and the Contagious Representation of Nature as Other

II E: Theological Anthropology (Madonnensaal = MS – KRP 3, Room No. 201)

Chair: Scott Cowdell

1) Marcia Pally: Mimetic Violence: As old as Cain but not as old as Adam?

2) Dominic Pigneri: Refugees from Eden: Original Sin in Schwager’s Banished from Eden

3) Rebecca Pawloski: Christ´s Celibacy as Non-Violent Path

II F: American Democracy in History and Literature (Seminarraum VI = SR VI – KRP 3, Room No. 102)

Chair: Roman Siebenrock

1) Bryan L. Kampbell: Containing the Contagion of Democracy: The Federalist and the Liberal Tradition

2) Stephen McKenna: Lincoln's Sacrificial Imagination: Constructions of The Other in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

3) Andrew McKenna: Mimetic History in Fiction, Fact, and Prophecy: Twain, Douglass, Lincoln

II G: Victimization in global hot spots (Seminarraum VII = SR VII – KRP 3, Room No. 103)

Chair: Wilhelm Guggenberger

1) Yaghoob Foroutan: Demographic Derivers of Religious Intolerance and Violence: Australia, Iran and New Zealand in Global Contexts

2) Johann Rossouw: South Africa’s colonial wound: Girard and the struggle for reconciliation in South Africa

3) Aleksei Zygmont: The World of Judo Masons and Sodomites: Enemy Images in the Contemporary Russian Orthodoxy


Friday, July 12, Afternoon 14:30-16:00: Concurrent Session III

III A: Philosophy and Mimetic Theory (Dekanatssitzungssaal = DSS – KRP 1, Room No. 104)

Chair: Michael Kirwan

1) Jeremiah Alberg: Transcendent Principles and the Violent Sacred

2) Anthony D. Traylor: Heidegger on Nature

3) Sherwood Belangia: Mimetic Desire and the Piety of Socrates

III B: Feminist Thinking, Migration, Theology and Mimetic Theory (Seminarraum I = SR I – KRP 1, Room No. 048)

Chair: Petra Steinmair-Pösel

1) Chelsea King: Perspective of An-Other: Girard through a Feminist lens

2) Annette Edenhofer: Who is coming? Who comes to meet? Migrants, Refugees, host(ile) countries: The Perspectives of Martha Nussbaum and René Girard

3) Wiel Eggen: Monadic prelates without the divine rival

III C: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on Migration (Seminarraum III = SR III – KRP 1, Room No. 217)

Chair: Nikolaus Wandinger

1) Markus Wierschem: Conceptualizing Violentropy: Steps to a Transdisciplinary Concept of Dis | Order

2) Timon Odeny: Theo-Political Challenges Concerning the Relations of Somali migration in Kenya

3) Emil Hobi: Impulse aus der mimetischen Theorie für die praktische Seelsorge in Zeiten der Migration (Präsentation given in German)

III D: Scapegoating in Film (Hörsaal I = HS 1 – KRP 3, Room No. E09)

Chair: Matthew Packer

1) Alessandro Grilli: Demonizing the Other: witch hunt, cultural theory, and the Girardian scapegoat (45 min)

III E: Mimetic Theory in Psychology and Education (Madonnensaal = MS – KRP 3, Room No. 201)

Chair: Józef Niewiadomski

1) D. Vincent Riordan: Madness and the Archetypal Scapegoat

2) Helene Cristini: How can education educate the educators following René Girard’s apocalyptical thinking’

3) Curtis Gruenler / Dennis Feaster (via Skype): Modelling Conversion: Positive and Negative Mimesis in Communities of Care for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

III F: Scapegoats, Monsters & Literature (Seminarraum VI = SR VI – KRP 3, Room No. 102)

Chair: Andrew McKenna

1) Timothy Long: The Scapegoat in Art / The Scapegoat as Art

2) Maura Junius: Man or Monster: The Imagined Other in Five Theatrical Productions of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

3) William Johnsen: Ibsen's Emperor and Galilean & Mimetic History

III G: Mimetic Theory and the Bible (Seminarraum VII = SR VII – KRP 3, Room No. 103)

Chair: Joel Hodge

1) Berry Vorstenbosch: Mimetic Nothingness: A Girardian Reading of St. Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians

2) Thomas Sojer: Triumph and/or Scandal. Theologia Crucis in René Girard and Simone Weil

3) Unai Buil Zamorano: "This last lie would be even worse than the first one" (Mt 27:64): a mimetic reading of the conclusion of the Gospel according to St. Matthew



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