The meeting will be held at the Institute of Botany, University of Innsbruck (see red circle and arrow on the map below). The Institute of Botany is situated in the urban district “Hötting” in the NW part of Innsbruck at the foot of the Nordkette the long mountain chain in N of town center at an altitude of 600m. You can reach the venue by car, taxi and public transport from the town (airport, train station, high way, by foot 20 min from center).

Arrival by car (Attention: WORK DAY PARKING requires permit and is limited to 3 hrs)

You can reach the venue by car  either along Höttingergasse upward  turning left  near the church into Schneeburggasse and further left down after 300 m from an M-Preis shop (red cube sign M) steep downhill. The other arrivals from High Way exit Innsbruck West gets you into Südring (Permanent P+R Parking 800 m after exit) You turn at the first red light to the left on the 4 laine Südring pass the Freiburger Brücke and after the 2nd red light you turn to the right into Höttingeraustreet with the next red light turn left into Höttinger Auffahrt (gas station BP to the right) when you come up the first level you turn at 90° (second road) and find at the end the lower entrance of the Botanical Garden – you turn right and again left to come the Sternwartestrasse where the upper gate to the Botanical garden is located (Get Together etc.).

For longer stay use P+R parking out of center or parking facilities of the hotels!).

Public Transport

Innsbruck has a good network of public transport mainly by bus and taxi, however the buslines to the institute changed recently as follows:

The Institute of Botany is connected with the town centre and the train station by 2 bus lines (A and H). To reach the institute from the main train station (Haupbahnhof) go to the third platform (C) from the main entrance and take bus H in the direction of "Allerheiligenhöfe". Get off at the bus stop "Botanikerstrasse" which is located close to the lower entrance of the Botanical Garden. The meeting is with no rain in front of the green house. Busline A from the town centre (Museumstrasse IN DIRECTION SADRACH)) brings you also to the bus stop "Botanikerstrasse"other details as above. From stop "Botanikerstrasse" you reach the institute through the Botanical Garden. At times when the gate is closed go around the garden to the right (eastern) side along a little footpassage connecting Botanikerstrasse with Sternwartestrasse. To go downtown from the institute you can get both buslines at the stop Botanikerstrasse, but look for line A direction "Sanatorium Rum" which goes downhill – do not use H at this site unless driver confirms to you that he goes downtown. To come downtown whith line H you must take the bus the other side of the road (uphill in Botanikerstrasse) in direction of "Schutzengelkirche" or "Seniorenheim Saggen". Busline F is connecting the airport with downtown and links to the bus lines A and H connecting to the institute.

You can buy tickets in advance (green light columns in the street) or with the driver.
For additional informations see:   

 (in town; attention if you leave the town center other fees apply! Hungerburg and Igls are included)

One Way Tickets:
2,30€ (seniors 1,70) (both + 0,40 if you buy with the driver)
Innsbruck 24h:
4-drives-ticket (“4-Fahrten Ticket”):

For over 62 seniors the next lower fees apply with obligation to show passport.

There is also a special sightseer bus with special fairs connecting all attractions and some out of center e.g. Schloss Amras, Bergisel)

Innsbruck Card (Travel and Tourism attraction)

Offers entrance to major museums and other visitor attractions + use of all public transport in Innsbruck including the connection by underground and teleferic to Seegrube and Hafelekar the steep side of Innsbruck also a towntown guided tour is included.

24 h: € 39

48 h: € 48

72 h: € 55

(For further information visit:   )

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