From Open to Accessible - building a trustworthy knowledgeable future. Karger's role in Scientific Literacy and Accessibility.

Karger Publishers

Francesca Brazzorotto

This presentation aims to explore the role of Karger in supporting users and librarians throughout the complete cycle of knowledge: from education and research to the public dissemination of scientific findings.

We will delve into how Karger helps researchers combat the spread of fake science through sharing accessible, valid, and trusted research, while also developing information literacy solutions for libraries.

We will also examine how Karger supports libraries in guiding researchers through the evolving landscape of open access publishing and can help addressing the problem of barriers to research accessibility by promoting open, accessible, and inclusive research for all members of the community.


Francesca Brazzorotto is the Customer Engagement Manager for Karger Publishers. With a degree in library sciences, an MA in publishing, and over 10 years of experience in academic publishing, Francesca has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the field, and is committed to ensuring that medical and academic institutions receive the highest level of support and service throughout their engagement with Karger.

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