The GRID Project

The efficiency of research instruments grows with the scientific progress and more complex simulations are required. Therefore, experiments and theoretical calculations deliver more and more data which must be processed and stored. The computing power increases fast, but this is not enough. The data processing requirements of large scientific projects are extremely high. With grid computing the tasks of data processing and data storage are distributed world-wide to computers.

Grid computing is "The sharing that we are concerned with is not primarily file exchange but rather direct access to computers, software, data, and other resources, as is required by a range of collaborative problem-solving and resource-brokering strategies emerging in industry, science, and engineering. This sharing is, necessarily, highly controlled, with resource providers and consumers defining clearly and carefully just what is shared, who is allowed to share, and the conditions under which sharing occurs. A set of individuals and/or institutions defined by such sharing rules form what we call a virtual organization." (The Anatomy of the Grid, Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, Steven Tuecke)

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