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Barbara Hausmair

Assistant Professor Mag. Dr. Barbara Hausmair
Medieval and Modern-Period Archaeology



Telefon: +43 512 507 37574


Research interests

  • historical archaeologies from the early medieval period to the present in Central Europe
  • identity theory, social archaeology and mortuary practices in the (early) middle ages
  • archaeology of the Nazi period, conflict heritage and memory culture
  • integration of archaeological, bioarchaeological and historical sources
  • computer-aided methods (GIS, statistics, data modelling and DB programming) and interdisciplinary methodologies in (proto-)historical archaeology

As an archaeologist specializing in (early) medieval mortuary culture, social archaeology, and 20th-century conflict I have widely published on issues of identity formation, burial archaeology, social space, and interdisciplinary methodology in (early) medieval archaeology, as well as conflict heritage and memory discourses. During my previous research I explored early medieval mortuary practices in the Alemannia and conceptions of death and dying. In my current research on social and political change at the transition from late antiquity to the early middle ages in Noricum ripense I focus on questions of identity formation and mortuary culture in frontier communities living at the margins of political power centres. As a Marie-Curie Post-Doc Fellow at the Zukunftskolleg/University of Konstanz I studied controversial attitudes towards infant death and unbaptized children in medieval Central Europe and was able to demonstrate how ecclesiastic power was contested through the structuration of mortuary space. This research will be continued here in Innsbruck. The destruction of people’s lives and identities through internment, exploitation and mass murder, but also ways to resist such horrendous violence has been the focus of my various projects on the materiality of Nazi internment camps and landscapes of war industry. In this framework I am also exploring the role of material remains of Nazi terror in post-war und present memory discourses.

Current/on-going projects 

Past projects

Academic degrees


Diploma in Geographic Information Systems, University of Salzburg (AT)


Dr. phil. in Pre- and Protohistorical Archaeology, University of Vienna (AT) (“Am Rande des Grabs. Todeskonzepte und Bestattungsritual in der frühmittelalterlichen Alamannia/At the brink of the grave. Death conceptions and mortuary practices in the early medieval Alamannia”, published 2015 with Sidestone Press, Leiden,


Mag. phil. (MA equivalent) in Pre- and Protohistorical Archaeology, University of Vienna (AT) (“Das frühmittelalterliche Gräberfeld von Micheldorf/Kremsdorf, OÖ”/ “The early medieval cemetery of Micheldorf/Kremsdorf, Upper Austria”, published as “Micheldorf/Kremsdorf. Zwischen Baiovaria und Karantanien, in J. Leskovar (ed.), Frühmittelalter in Oberösterreich. Inventare aus den Sammlungen des Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseums, Linz: OÖLM, 11–189).

Research experience

2018 – 2020

Researcher at the State Office for Cultural Heritage in Baden-Wurttemberg, DE (project: The Natzweiler concentration camp complex in Baden-Wurttemberg: assessment and study of the archaeological heritage of camps and places of forced labour)


Post-Doc Researcher/Co-PI, Department of Near Eastern Archaeology/Freie Universität Berlin, DE (project: "Analyses of finds from Nazi forced labour camps at Tempelhof airfield, Berlin")

2014 – 2017

Post-Doc and Marie-Curie-Post-Doc Researcher, Zukunftskolleg/University of Konstanz, DE (projects: Unbaptized children between theological discourse and social practices in 12th to 16th century Central Europe (PI) | Archaeology of Forced Labour in the Alps: the Suggadin camo in the Montafon valley (Co-PI with Montafoner Museen) | Constance Buildings-Court Protocols (1452-1470) (Co-PI))


PhD-research scholarship, University of Vienna, AT, including research visits in GB

2010 – 2011

IFK-Junior Fellow Abroad (PhD-scholarship of the IFK Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften Wien and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research, AT) for research visits at the University of Cambridge and the University of Reading, GB

2009 – 2010

IFK-Junior Fellow at the IFK Wien, AT (PhD-scholarship)

2008 – 2014

Researcher (project-based) at the Department of Prehistory and Historical Archaeology/University of Vienna, AT

2008 – 2012

Archaeologist (project-based) at the Centre Archéologique Européen/Bibracte, FR

2004 – 2009

Archaeologist at various rescue excavations in Austria



Erwin-Wenzel Award of the Erwin-Wenzel-Stiftung (AT) (PhD-Award) | Grete-Mostny-Dissertation Award of the University of Vienna (AT)


Award for Excellent Studies of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research


Award of the Wels City Council (AT) for studies related to the history of the City of Wels

Supversion of BA- and MA-thesis

I am happy to act as supervisor for students who seek to write their BA or MA thesis on (early) medieval burial practices or archaeology of the 20th century. MA thesis are co-supervised with Prof. Harald Stadler.


Member of the editorial collective of Forum Kritische Archäologie

Board member of Österreichische Gesellschaft für Mittelalterarchäologie



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