Research sites in the Inner Oetz Valley



The archaeological site "Beilstein" (Foto: E.-M. Koch)

Altitude: 2117 m.a.s.l 

Location: Tyrol, inner Oetz valley, Gurgler valley 

Position: 46° 51' 16'' N, 11° 00' 17'' E 

Description: This small, flat and protected area lies southward from Obergurgl at a cliff ridge to the Gurgler stream. 

Research: The archaeological site Beilstein is one of the best investigated archaeological find spots in the high mountains of the Central Austrian Alps. Archaeological findings such as flints stones, arrowheads and other historic fragments demonstrate that the area was used as campground already 9.500 years ago. The woodsheds and stone walls are relicts from a later use in the 15th up to the 17th century.

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