Welcome to the Center for Inter-American Studies


In this age of globalization and an increasingly interconnected world, the critical analysis of social, cultural and political structures and trends in all regions and the resulting transfer of knowledge to the general public, business and politics have, in the interest of an intercultural dialogue, gained new significance. The continent of America with its various regions takes on a strategic position here.

With its orientation to America as a whole, the Center for Inter-American Studies of the University of Innnsbruck has devoted itself to establishing and developing interdisciplinary and comparative issues relating to the Americas. The historical, social, economic, political and cultural ties, parallels and contrasts in the individual regions with all their complexity need to be researched and integrated into teaching. The understanding of America as a “conglomerate” of diverse nations and cultures needs to be promoted in academic and cultural events.


  • Interdisciplinary utilization of professional expertise for the university and the general public
  • Mediation between the cultures of Austria and the Americas
  • Accessibility of the University of Innsbruck for the general public


In addition to its main function as a competent intermediary between Austrian and American research, language and culture, networking and the utilization of existing individual expertise in Innsbruck play an important role in the spectrum of its responsibilities. The interdisciplinary nature of the Center is particularly important because it does not concentrate on individual academic disciplines but is equally committed to the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and other disciplines. Its activities are intended to establish ties between the various fields of research.

The Center for Inter-American Studies does not restrict its activities to the University but attaches great importance to public accessibility. It sees itself as a platform and forum of exchange that is open to both members of the University and the population of Tyrol.

An awareness of the diversity of the Americas and a greater in-depth understanding for the cultural, social and economic differences between the individual regions are major concerns. Not least because of that, the Center frequently organizes cultural events and is very much involved in promoting Austrian-American cultural exchange.

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