Quality management coordination (QM)



The Quality Management System (QMS) of the University of Innsbruck has been certified since October 2, 2014 by the Accreditation Commission of the Swiss Quality Assurance Agency OAQ (since January 1, 2015 AAQ) according to the Higher Education Quality Assurance Act (HS-QSG) and was recertified on September 24, 2021 without any conditions. The certificate is valid until September 23, 2028.

The basis for the certification decision was an expert report (german version), which was prepared on the basis of the self-evaluation report and two on-site visits by five experts from Switzerland and Germany. More than 100 people were interviewed in the process.

The next audit will take place in 2028.





The self-evaluation report describes the QMS of the University of Innsbruck. Furthermore, it contains a self-assessment of the degree of fulfillment of the given quality standards of AAQ. The quality standards are based, among other things, on the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG), which were developed for the European Higher Education Area, and the review criteria of the HS-QSG.

The self-evaluation report - as well as the expert report - is available on the Internet. It served the experts as a basis for the two on-site visits.

Details on the audit process and the quality standards applied can be found in the HS-QSG audit guidelines and on the Quality Audit 2014 website.




The QMS is documented in the QM Handbook. It describes which strategies, structures and processes the University of Innsbruck has developed in order to fulfill the quality requirements it has set for itself based on its history, its self-image and in fulfillment of its legal duties.




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