Patrick Wilhelm, MSc

PhD Student

Room: 4S12 ITP
Phone: +43 512 507 52231
Email: Patrick.Wilhelm[at]

Research group: Quantum Condensed Matter Theory / Computational Physics

More Information

  • FLD Research Documentation

    Publications 2022

    Other Publications

    Electronic Publication (Preprint)
    • Wilhelm, P.; Lang, T. C.; Scheurer, M. S.; Läuchli, A. M. (2022): Non-coplanar magnetism, topological density wave order and emergent symmetry at half-integer filling of moiré Chern bands. (Web link)

    Publications 2021

    Contributions to Books / Journals

    Journal Article (Original Paper)
    • Wilhelm, P.; Lang, T. C.; Läuchli, A. M. (2021): Interplay of fractional Chern insulator and charge density wave phases in twisted bilayer graphene.
      In: Physical Review B (Condensed Matter) 103/12, No. 125406. (DOI) (Web link)

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