Alexander Pirker

PhD Student

Room: 4S17 ITP
Phone: +43 512 507 52286
Email: Alexander.Pirker[at]

Research group: Quantum Information and Computation

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    Publications 2017

    Contributions to Books / Journals

    Journal Article (Original Paper)
    • Pirker, A.; Dunjko, V.; Dür, Wolfgang; Briegel, Hans J. (2017): Entanglement generation secure against general attacks.
      In: New Journal of Physics 19, No. 113012. (DOI)

    • Pirker, A.; Wallnöfer, J.; Briegel, Hans J.; Dür, Wolfgang (2017): Construction of optimal resources for concatenated quantum protocols.
      In: Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics) 95/6, No. 062332. (DOI)

    Other Publications

    Electronic Publication, Scientific
    • Pirker, A.; Wallnöfer, J.; Dür, Wolfgang (2017): Modular architectures for secure quantum networks. (Web link)

    • Pirker, A.; Zwerger, M.; Dunjko, V.; Briegel, Hans J.; Dür, Wolfgang (2017): Simple proof of confidentiality for private quantum channels in noisy environments. (Web link)

    • Zwerger, M.; Pirker, A.; Dunjko, V.; Briegel, Hans J.; Dür, Wolfgang (2017): Long-range big quantum-data transmission. (Web link)