Tomáš Gonda, PhD


Room: 2S01 ITP
Phone: +43 512 507 52244
Email: Tomas.Gonda[at]

Research group: Mathematical Quantum Physics

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    Lectures 2022

    Presentations at Conferences, Symposia, etc.

    Conference Lecture (Invited Lecture)
    • Lecturer(s): Gonda, T.: De Finetti's Theorem in Categorical Probability.
      Logic of Probabilistic Programming - CIRM, Marseille, 2022-02-01. (Web link)

    Conference Lecture (Upon Registration)
    • Lecturer(s): Gonda, T.: A Framework for Universality Across Disciplines.
      Ninth Symposium on Compositional Structures - SYCO 9, Como, 2022-09-08. (Web link)

    • Lecturer(s): Gonda, T. Co-author(s): Fritz, Tobias; Houghton-Larsen, Nicholas; Perrone, Paolo; Stein, Dario: Dilations and information flow axioms in categorical probability.
      Tenth Symposium on Compositional Structures (SYCO 10), Edinburgh, 2022-12-20. (Web link)

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