Julia Freund, MSc

PhD Student

Room: 2M07 
Phone: +43 512 507 52209
Email: Julia.Freund[at]uibk.ac.at

Research group: Quantum Information and Computation

More Information

  • FLD Research Documentation

    Publications 2024

    Other Publications

    Electronic Publication (Preprint)
    • Freund, J.; Pirker, A.; Dür, W. (2024): A flexible quantum data bus. (DOI) (Web link)

    Lectures 2024

    Presentations at Conferences, Symposia, etc.

    Conference Lecture (Upon Registration)
    • Lecturer(s): Freund, J. Co-author(s): Pirker, A.; Dür, W.: Multiplexing and Information Transport in Quantum Networks.
      87. Jahrestagung der DPG und DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Berlin, 2024-03-18. (Web link)

    Lectures 2023

    Presentations at Conferences, Symposia, etc.

    Poster Presentation
    • Lecturer(s): Freund, J.: Multiplexed Communication in Quantum Networks.
      SFB BeyondC Autumn Workshop 2023, Innsbruck, 2023-09-11. (Web link)

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