This group has been established in September 2020 at UIBK. You can find a list of our current members below. 

We currently have open PhD and postdoc positions funded by an ERC Starting grant, see here for details. Master students are also invited to get in contact to discuss possible topics of theses.


Principal Investigator


Administrative Assistant


PhD Students


Master Students (research areas)


Bachelor Students (research areas)

  • Jennifer Brüggler (continuum model for multilayer graphene)

  • Florian Fürrutter (generative modeling of spin systems)

  • Johannes Kerber (spectra of moiré lattices)



  • Swarnavo Basu (external Master student 2021-2022, India)

  • Lea Haas (Bachelor student summer 2021)

  • Luca Muigg (Bachelor student summer 2021)

  • Stefan Bert Obernauer (Master student 2021-2022)

  • Bernhard Putzer (Bachelor student summer 2021)




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