Our research builds on a blend of concepts and ideas from condensed matter theory, statistical mechanics, quantum field theory and quantum information. We also develop and implement innovative computational algorithms in order to perform large-scale computer simulations on high-performance computers.


Graphics condensed matter



These are the different research topics of our group members: 

Quantum spin system, frustration, exotic phases and phase transitions
Louis-Paul Henry 

Topological States of Matter and Quantum Spin Liquids
Alexander Wietek 

Chiral Mott insulators in frustrated Bose-Hubbard models
Christian Romen 

Quench dynamics of quantum spin systems
Carlo Krimphoff 

Frustrated Magnetism, Quantum Spin Liquids and exotic excitations
Michael Schuler  

Study of Energy spectra at critical points of second order phase transitions and their connection to Conformal Field Theory
Christoph Pernul 

Tensor Network States/Projected Entangled Pair States
Michael Rader 

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