Defensio Rader
25.09.2020: Defensio of Michael Rader, DK ALM PhD student of our research group. Michael with Gerhard Kirchmair (left) and Andreas Läuchli (right)! Congratulations!


Since the start of this research group in the year 2011, the number of team members has grown continuously. Once a year, our team holds a group retreat outside the offices with interesting presentations and discussions, some hiking, good food and fun.

You would like to join our team? Please click on open positions for more details on job opportunities within our research group.


Principal Investigator


Administrative Assistant


Senior Scientist



PhD Students


Master Students



  • Kartiek Agarwal (visiting Undergraduate Student 2009 @ PKS, now Assistant Professor at McGill University in Montreal, Canada)

  • Vincenzo Alba (PostDoc 2010-2012 @ PKS, now PostDoc at SISSA)

  • Roald Bartenstein (Diploma student 2011-2013)

  • Lars Bonnes (PostDoc 2011-2015, now Senior Software Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH)

  • Nicola Bregenzer (Bachelor student summer semester 2017)

  • Davide Breoni (Master student 2018-2019)

  • Elisa Brunori (Master student 2018-2020)

  • Tobias Busse (Master student 2020-2022)

  • Hitesh Changlani (visiting PostDoc spring 2013, now Assistant Professor at Florida State University)

  • Bismayan Chakrabarti (visiting Undergraduate Student 2010 @ PKS, now Graduate Student at Rutgers University)

  • Daniel Charrier (PostDoc 2009-2011 @ PKS, now Highschool Teacher in Meaux/F)

  • ChiaMin Chung (visiting PhD student from June 2012 to June 2013, now PostDoc at LMU Munich)

  • Ish Dhand (visiting Undergraduate Student 2011 @ PKS, now PostDoc at Ulm University, Germany)

  • Alexander Eberharter (Bachelor student summer semester 2016)

  • Kilian Ender (Bachelor student summer semester 2014, now PhD student in Wolgang Lechner's group at ITP )

  • Andre Gladbach (Master student 2020-2022)

  • Simon Graf (Master student 2018-2021)

  • Louis-Paul Henry (PostDoc 2014-2017, now PostDoc @ University of Hamburg in Ludwig Mathey's group)

  • Lluis Hernandez-Mula (PhD student 2018-2022)

  • Balazs Hetenyi (visiting Researcher in 2010 @ PKS, now on a tenure-track position at Bilkent University, Ankara)

  • Sandro Huber (Master student, now R&D employee at Swarovski Optik, Absam, Austria)

  • Mathieu Istas (visiting Master student 2014-2015, now PhD candidate in the Quantum theory lab at CEA Grenoble)

  • Carlo Krimphoff (PhD student 2012-2017, now software developer at adesso AG in Frankfurt/Main)

  • Marc M. Langer (Bachelor student summer semester 2017)

  • Andreas Lüscher (PostDoc 2006-2009 @ IRRMA, now Senior Consultant at Mirai Solutions)

  • Alexander Mischi (Bachelor student summer semester 2013)

  • Clemens Niederegger (Bachelor student summer semester 2021)

  • Andreas Parteli (Master student 2013-2015, now physicist at IDS Schwaz)

  • Moritz Patreider (Master student 2019-2021)

  • Aurélien Pascal (Master student summer internship 2016, ENS de Cachan)

  • Christoph Pernul (Bachelor student summer semester 2013, Master Student 2014-2017)

  • Philip Pfahl (Bachelor student summer semester 2018)

  • Vera Pöchhacker (Bachelor student summer semester 2014)

  • Michael Rader (PhD student 2016-2020)

  • Artem Rakcheev (PhD student 2017-2022, now PostDoc at PSI, Villigen, Switzerland)

  • Jonas Rigo (Master student, now PhD student in the Mitchell group, UCD Dublin, Ireland)

  • Christian Romen (PhD student 2014-2018)

  • Ioannis Rousochatzakis (PostDoc 2009-2011 @ PKS, now Lecturer in Physics, Loughborough University, UK)

  • David Schwandt (visiting PhD student 2010 @ PKS, now PostDoc at LPT Toulouse)

  • Michael Schuler (PhD student 2014-2019, now PostDoc in the Rabl group, TU Vienna)

  • Martin Schwingshackl (Master student)

  • Antoine Sterdyniak (PostDoc 2013-2015, now PostDoc at MPQ, Garching)

  • Julien Sudan (PhD student 2006-2010 @ IRRMA, now Project leader at SID SA)

  • Lauri Toikka (PostDoc 2018-2022)

  • Pol Ureta Canellas (Master student 2020-2021)

  • Valentin Völkl (Master student 2014-2015, now PhD student at CERN)

  • Sandro Wenzel (PostDoc 2009 @ PKS, now staff scientist at CERN)

  • Alexander Wietek (PhD student 2013-2018, now PostDoc at the Center for Computational Quantum Physics (CCQ), Flatiron Institute, USA)

  • Patrick Wilhelm (Bachelor student SS2018, Master student 2019-2020, now PhD student DK ALM)

  • Jinlong Yu (PostDoc 2021)


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