Talks & Seminars 2015

Dec. 10, 14:00 "Dynamics of indistinguishable particles: from decoherence to boson sampling"

Speaker: Andreas Buchleitner, FRIAS, University of Freiburg | Location: SR 1, ground floor ICT Building

Nov. 25, 15:00 "Non-classical causal structures in theory and experiment"

Speaker: Katja Ried, Perimeter Institute | Location: SR 2S17, ITP 1st floor

Nov. 18, 16:00 "Simple conditions constraining the set of quantum correlations"

Speaker: Julio de Vicente, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid | Location: SR 2S17, ITP 1st floor

Nov. 18, 15:00 "Ultimate limits of quantum metrology assisted by error correction and fast control"

Speaker: Michalis Skotiniotis, UIBK | Location: SR 2S17, ITP 1st floor

Nov. 11, 15:00 "Automated Search for new Quantum Experiments"

Speaker: Mario Krenn, University of Vienna, AG Zeilinger | Location: SR 2S17, ITP 1st floor

Oct. 14, 15:00 "Bringing Learning Theory Closer to Quantum Information Processing"

Speaker: Peter Wittek, ICFO, Barcelona | Location: ITP Seminar Room 2S17

Oct. 13, 11:00 "Thermodynamic cost of realism"

Speaker: Otfried Gühne, Universität Siegen | Location: SR 2S16

Oct. 13, 10:15 "Extreme violation of local realism in quantum hypergraph states"

Speaker: Mariami Gachechiladze, Universität Siegen | Location: SR 2S16

Jul. 10, 14:00 "Some Recollections of Los Alamos - and the Nuclear Era"

Speaker: Roy Glauber, Harvard University | Location: lecture hall A

Jun. 24, 17:15 "Complex transport in needles, swimmers, and the glass transition"

Speaker: Thomas Franosch, Institute for Theoretical Physics | Location: HS F

Jun. 24, 15:00 "Tighter quantum uncertainty relations follow from a general probabilistic bound"

Speaker: Florian Fröwis, University of Geneva | Location: Seminar room ITP, 1st floor

Jun. 17, 15:00 "Which discrete states have a continuum limit?"

Speaker: Gemma De Las Cuevas, MPQ Garching | Location: HSB 9 (Bauingenieurgebäude)

Mar. 25, 15:00 "Boson Sampling for Molecular Vibronic Spectra"

Speaker: Gian G. Guerreschi, Harvard University | Location: SR 2S17

Feb. 5, 14:00 "On the degradability of fermionic Gaussian channels and the entanglement classes of bosonic Gaussian states"

Speaker: Geza Giedke, DIPC, San Sebastian | Location: SR 2/36

Feb. 4, 15:00 "A Philosophical Perspective on the PS Agent"

Speaker: Tim Räz, Universität Konstanz | Location: Schrödinger-Saal IQOQI

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