Guests 2007

Dec. 15 - Dec. 20: Alexey Gorshkov, Harvard University

Contact: A. Daley        

Dec. 10 - Dec. 13: Mikhail Titov, Physics Department, University of Edinburgh

Contact: M. Müller        

Dec. 10 - Dec. 14: Jake Taylor, MIT Department of Physics

Contact: P. Zoller        

Dec. 5 - Dec. 6: Evgeni Il'ichev, IPHT Jena

Contact: Alexander Shnirman | Topic: Equivalence of ground state and spectroscopic measurements on flux qubits

Dec. 3 - Dec. 21: Vikram Athalye, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Contact: P. Zoller | Topic: Trapped Cold Molecules and their use for the purpose of Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Processing

Nov. 26 - Nov. 30: Jens Siewert, Universität Regensburg

Contact: M. Wallquist | Topic: Entanglement of mixed three-qubit states with GHZ and W state components

Nov. 19 - Nov. 23: Nadav Yoran, University of Bristol

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Classical simulability and the components of Shor's algorithm

Nov. 15 - Nov. 16: Matthew Geoffrey Parker, Selmer Center, University of Bergen, Norway

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Complementary sequences and the quantum graph state

Nov. 12 - Nov. 14: Walter Hofstetter, Universität Frankfurt

Contact: A. Daley | Topic: Strong correlations and disorder in ultracold quantum gases

Nov. 5 - Nov. 8: Andrea Tomadin, NEST-CNR-INFM and Scuola Normale Superiore

Contact: G. Pupillo | Topic: Dynamics of a quenched Fermi gas with population imbalance

Nov. 5 - Nov. 18: Jake Taylor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Contact: P. Zoller        

37561: Tilman Pfau, Universität Stuttgart

Contact: P. Zoller        

37561: Hans Peter Büchler, Universität Stuttgart

Contact: P. Zoller        

Oct. 23 - Oct. 25: Eli Meirom, Technion, Israel

Contact: P. Zoller | Topic: Entanglement on demand through time reordering

Oct. 5 - Oct. 6: Robert B. Griffiths, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Types of Quantum Information

Sep. 27 - Sep. 28: Boris Narozhny, ICTP Trieste

Contact: A. Shnirman | Topic: Giant fluctuations of the Coulomb drag

Sep. 27 - Sep. 29: Peter Rabl, Harvard University

Contact: P. Zoller        

Sep. 24 - Sep. 25: Fabricio Albuquerque, ETH Zürich

Contact: P. Zoller        

Sep. 21 - Dec. 21: Beatriz Olmos, Universidad de Granada

Contact: P. Zoller        

Aug. 22 - Aug. 28: Mohammed Al-amri, Physics Department, KKU

Contact: G. Brennen        

Aug. 20 - Aug. 24: Dan Browne, University College London

Contact: W. Dür        

Jul. 10: Hideto Kanamori, Tokio Institute of Technology, Department of Physics

Contact: P. Zoller        

Jul. 9 - Jul. 14: Gerardo Ortiz, Department of Physics, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Some thoughts on topological order

Jul. 8 - Jul. 13: Darrick Chang, Harvard University

Contact: P. Zoller | Topic: Quantum and nonlinear optics with nano-scale surface plasmons

Jul. 3 - Jul. 5: Robert Raussendorf, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Fault-tolerant Quantum Computation with high threshold in two dimensions

Jul. 2 - Jul. 4: Johannes Hausinger, Universität Regensburg

Contact: A. Daley | Topic: Quantum Dissipation in Flux Qubits

Jun. 29 - Jul. 15: Daw-Wei Wang, Department of Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Contact: P. Zoller        

Jun. 28 - Jul. 1: Miguel Martin-Delgado, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Contact: G. Brennen | Topic: The many paths towards the topological way to quantum computation

Jun. 26 - Jun. 28: Jens Siewert, Universität Regensburg

Contact: M. Wallquist | Topic: Adiabatic passage in superconducting nanocircuits

May. 14 - May. 27: Denis Ivanov, Faculty of Physics, St. Petersburg State University.

Contact: I. Mekhov | Topic: Feedback stabilization of cold neutral atoms

May. 7 - May. 13: Adán Cabello, Departamento de Fisica AplicadaII, Universidad de Sevilla

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Bipartite all-versus-nothing Proofs of Bell's Theorem with single Qubit Measurements

May. 7 - May. 11: Anna Sanpera, Theoretical Physics Group, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Quantum non-demolition measurements of strongly correlated systems

May. 2: Gerald Matz, TU Vienna

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Information Processing and Physics: a story of parallels

Apr. 2 - Apr. 4: Jop Briet, University of Calgary

Contact: Maarten van den Nest | Topic: Purification of W-states

Mar. 21 - Mar. 26: Ville Lahtinen, University of Leeds

Contact: Gavin Brennen | Topic: Anyon models based on quantum double symmetries

Mar. 15 - Mar. 16: Stefan Flörchinger, Universität Heidelberg

Contact: Sebastian Diehl        

Mar. 15 - Mar. 16: Michael Scherer, Universität Heidelberg

Contact: Sebastian Diehl        

Mar. 12: Andy Ferris, University of Queensland

Contact: Helmut Ritsch | Topic: Quantum correlations in degenerate four-wave mixing of BECs

Mar. 12 - Mar. 20: Lucy Zhang, University of Toronto

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Fault-tolerant Quantum Computation using cluster states

Mar. 12 - Mar. 15: Gemma de las Cuevas, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Magnetic separation of nanoparticles

Mar. 5 - Mar. 15: Benjamin Lev, NIST, Boulder

Contact: Helmut Ritsch        

Mar. 5 - Feb. 11: Massimo Boninsegni, University of Alberta

Contact: Guido Pupillo        

Mar. 4 - Mar. 14: Steven J. van Enk, University of Oregon

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: On experimental procedures for entanglement verification

Mar. 3 - Mar. 7: Reinhard Werner, Inst. f. Mathematische Physik, TU Braunschweig

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: The Continuity of Stinespring's Representation

Feb. 19 - Feb. 24: Sean Barrett, Imperial College London

Contact: Gavin Brennen        

Feb. 9: , 


Jan. 24 - Jan. 26: Miguel Navascués, ICFO Barcelona

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Bounding the set of quantum

Jan. 23 - Jan. 26: Karl-Georg Schlesinger, ESI, Wien

Contact: Gebhard Grübl | Topic: Einführung in die Stringtheorie

Jan. 16 - Jan. 19: Jiannis Pachos, University of Leeds

Contact: Peter Zoller        

Jan. 8 - Jan. 10: Steve Flammia, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: What's Entanglement Good For?

Jan. 8 - Jan. 12: Dan Browne, University of Oxford, UK

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Quantum circuit depth

Jan. 8 - Jan. 12: Tony Short, University of Bristol, UK

Contact: Hans Briegel | Topic: Differences between quantum and generalised non-locality

Jan. 1 - Jan. 14: Roman V. Krems, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Contact: Peter Zoller

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