Management and Economics 

5+1 Economics Plus! 

We offer the possibility of supplementing our Bachelor's programme in management and economics with other subjects. According to the 5 + 1 principle, you can supplement five semesters of management and economics content with one semester from another subject area! You simply replace the management/economic elective modules (30 ECTS) with a predefined module catalogue from another discipline. 

Digital Science

The minor Digital Science, which was launched in the 2019/20 academic year, provides students with the opportunity to acquire valuable skills for a digitalised society. Here, you will learn the basics of data analysis and management using information technologies, gain insights into the world of programming, and understand how new technologies are transforming both the economy and society. With this vast toolbox of skills, you will stand out from the crowd and be well equipped for the job market of the future.

Learn more on the website of the Digital Science Center (DiSC)!

Interesting choice of packages

The university will introduce further interesting packages:

  • Sustainability
  • Politics and society
  • Engineering.

These packages complement the business and economics content with exciting insights from other subjects and help you to position yourself in an interdisciplinary way.


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