Management and Economics 

5+1 Economics Plus! 

Starting in autumn 2019, we will be offering the possibility of supplementing our Bachelor's programme in economics with other subjects. According to the 5 + 1 principle, you can supplement five semesters of economics content with one semester from another subject area! You simply replace the economic elective modules (30 ECTS) with a predefined module catalogue from another discipline. The supplementary package is usually completed in the second part of the programme. It can be completed in one or more semesters.

Digital Science

In autumn 2019, the Digital Science supplementary package, which offers central competencies for the digitized society, will be launched. Here you will learn the basics of information and communication technologies, gain insight into the world of programming, and understand how new technologies are transforming the economy and society.

Further supplementary packages

Further supplementary packages that are currently being worked out and will soon come into force are:

  • Sustainability
  • Politics and society, und
  • Engineering.

These packages complement the business and economics content with exciting insights from other subjects and help you to position yourself in an interdisciplinary way.


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