Information on performance-based scholarships

  1. Performance-based scholarships can be awarded to:

    - Austrian citizens;
    - citizens from EEA states
    - stateless persons granted equal status
    (Austrian Federal Student Support Act, Studienförderungsgesetz § 3 and § 4)

  2. Applications can be made during the application period – 05th September 2022 until 07th October 2022 - via the students’ platform LFU:online. In special cases where an application online is too complicated, students can submit an application in written form in person to the Faculty Administrative Services, Innrain 52d, GEIWI-Turm, Ground floor, room EG19, 6020 Innsbruck. All applications must be submitted by the deadline.

  3. The requirements set out by the respective faculty must be met
      Call for applications for performance-based scholarships 2021/22).

  4. For the joint study programmes of the University of Innsbruck and the UMIT – Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology Gmbh (Bachelor’s and Master’s Programme in Mechatronics, Bachelor’s Programme in Economy, Health and Sports Tourism) an application can only be filed at the University of Innsbruck.

  5. Only examinations which are registered in LFU:online with semester hours/ECTS-Credits and grades can be considered. Courses where the student has been awarded the grade "SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED" cannot be considered. The grade point average is calculated based on the individual grades. Overall grades are not used when calculating the grade point average.

  6. Examinations that appear under the category "Exams without allocation" are also included in the calculation.

  7. The regular duration of studies plus one semester (extension of studies) set out in the curriculum must not be exceeded. Students who work as student representatives are entitled to one additional semester extension of studies. Confirmation from the Austrian Students’ Union that a student has held a position as a student representative can be uploaded to LFU:online. Working and/or enrollment in a second study programme are no reasons for exceeding the maximum study time.

  8. New regulation for the calculation of the regular study duration due to COVID-19 of 09.09.2020:

  9. Please complete the application in full at LFU:online (e.g. telephone no., bank name, IBAN, BIC) before forwarding it to the Faculty Administrative Services to be processed.

  10. All examinations completed during the previous academic year are valid. Therefore, the date of the examination must be between 1st October 2021 and 30th September 2022. The actual date of the exams counts for the recognitions.

  11. The number of applications submitted always exceeds the number of scholarships available, so the applications are ranked. The more semester hours/ECTS-Credits are submitted, and the better the grade point average is, the higher the ranking. However, applicants do not have a legal right to receive a performance-based scholarship.

  12.  Once a decision has been taken by the dean of studies, all applicants will receive a written response. Performance-based scholarships can amount to between €750 and €1500 and is a one-off payment.
    Students who have been awarded a scholarship will find their bank details included in this written response. They should check that these bank details are correct.
    If they are not, please contact the Faculty Administrative Services immediately (!


Last updated: 01.03.2022

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