Information on scholarships for scientific theses

  1. Scholarships for scientific theses can be awarded to:
    -  Austrian citizens;
    - citizens from EEA states;
    stateless persons granted equal status (Austrian Federal Student Support Act, Studienförderungsgesetz, § 4) 

  2. Scholarship amount: at least €750 / maximum €3600 (one-off payment)

  3.  Applications can be submitted from 09th May 2022 until 27th May 2022 as well as from 19th September 2022 until  07th October 2022 via the students’ platform LFU:online.   Students unable to apply via LFU:online can submit their application personally (application form ) to the Faculty Administrative Services, Innrain 52d, GEIWI-Turm, Ground floor, room EG19, 6020 Innsbruck.

  4.  The requirements set out by the respective faculty must be met. Secondary School Teacher Training Programme - see Faculty of Teacher Education.

  5. The regular duration of studies set out in the curriculum plus one additional semester (extension of studies) must not be exceeded for the relevant section of studies (in the case of doctoral programmes, for the entire study programme). Students who work as student representatives are entitled to one additional semester extension of studies (please attach confirmation from Austrian Students’ Union). 

  6. New regulation for the calculation of the regular study duration due to COVID-19 of 09.09.2020:
  7. Complete the application in full (e.g. telephone no., e-mail address, name of bank, BIC, IBAN) 

  8. Attach a description of the diploma, master or doctoral thesis to the application.

  9. The form “Overview of Costs” must be completed in full and signed by the relevant expert.
    As a rule, scholarships are not awarded to cover living costs. However, additional costs arising for students during periods spent away from where they live and study can be refunded. These costs must be mentioned separately in the overview of costs.
    Literature can only be financed via grants if the books are given to the university or faculty library once the thesis has been completed.
    No grants are given for chemicals, long-term investment goods, the binding of the thesis, tuition fees and the Employment of staff (e.g. student workers).

  10. The financing plan must be submitted together with the application (financing plan = how have I financed my thesis so far and/or how will I finance my diploma thesis/master's thesis/doctoral thesis if I do not receive a grant).

  11. Once a decision has been taken by the dean of studies, all applicants will receive a written response. Students who have been awarded a grant will find their bank details included in this written response. They should check that these bank details are correct. If they are not, please contact the Faculty Administrative Services immediately (!

  12. Students who receive a scholarship for scientific theses must write a final report (including invoices and receipts) after completion of their thesis with details on how they used the money they received.

Last updated: 01.03.2022

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