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International Day – Look into the World

“Look into the World” is the motto of the International Services at the University of Innsbruck on 8 November from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

At this open day the international institutions introduce themselves and their varied offers. Questions on study or research stays abroad or the numerous cultural events – the day offers all students, scientists, lecturers, teachers and pupils and all interested persons the opportunity to find out all about the different topics. The isi international language centre at the University of Innsbruck, the Austrian Students’ Union and other student initiatives will be present at the International Day to provide insights into their work and offers.

Alongside culinary delights, a colourful programme with music and exciting short films from all over the world await you. A special highlight this year is the photo competition called “Look into the World”. Select your favourite picture on site and win fantastic prizes, e.g. a GoPro Hero 4-camera and book vouchers!

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For the third time the international institutions at the University of Innsbruck invite everyone to an open day at the Claudiana, the “international location” of the University of Innsbruck, Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 3, 6020 Innsbruck.

The international institutions all have different tasks, for example the International Relations Office of the university is responsible for coordination and cooperation with universities and schools of higher education abroad, as well as the administration of international mobility. Students and academics are informed on the possibility of a stay abroad to benefit from the many advantages of an international exchange: You can get to know a foreign country and new cultures, gain important experiences and can create networks for your professional life later.  The exchange of students and academics with the University of New Orleans, a partnership of many years, is dealt with in the Center New Orleans.

In the Claudiana there are also the centres of the University of Innsbruck, which have specialised on networking with specific countries or areas. The Canadian Studies Centre, the focus on France, the Italian Centre, the Centre of Inter-American Studies, the Russian Centre and the American Corner are on the one hand dedicated to scientific and academic exchange between the University of Innsbruck and the respective countries, and on the other hand they also want to introduce these countries to a wider audience, beyond the university. Each semester they organise numerous scientific and cultural events directly in Innsbruck, which are held either in German or in the respective country’s language. They contribute to university teaching within the scope of courses, the organisation of international symposia, conferences, guest lectures and workshops, but also host many cultural events, film screenings, concerts, exhibitions and readings – often in cooperation with other Tyrolean cultural organisations. The varied programme in the centres is mostly freely accessible for all interested persons. The programme is complemented by various sponsorships and prizes for students and academics, special events for teachers and pupils and by country-specific libraries and media centres.

In 2012 the first academic network at the University of Innsbruck opened and was also accommodated in the Claudiana. AIANI - Austria Israel Academic Network Innsbruck promotes the academic cooperation and the academic exchange between the University of Innsbruck and researchers and students, who work at Israeli universities or research institutions.

The international environment of the Claudiana is complemented by the “Büro für Südtirolagenden”, a special information and advice centre for students and school leavers from the Italian Tyrol.

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