Now even more sustainably mobile

The Students Union makes free Stadträder city bikes available for Innsbruck students!

Around 40 percent of Innsbruck residents use bicycles as their main means of transport in the summer. We, the Innsbruck Students’ Union, have made an agreement with the IVB. Since September you have been able to use the Stadträder bicycles provided by the IVB for half an hour free of charge and don’t have to pay the annual free! This means that you can now be even more sustainable, mobile and flexible in Innsbruck!

How to? A brief guide

You need the “nextbike” app to use the bicycles. Download it from the AppStore of your smartphone, register with your mobile number, specify Innsbruck as your location and set up a new profile. Select your means of payment, e.g. “Paypal”, then select offers and tariffs and select the “ÖH-Vorteilstarif” (Students Union discount rate”. Then you can scan the code of the bicycle and off you go.


Kind regards!

Your ÖH Students’ Union chairpersons,

Daniel V. Müller - Lukas Schobesberger – Anna-Maria Weiß

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