FSS Leistungs- und Förderungsstipendien

TalenteSTIFTUNG Günther Berghofer

The TalenteSTIFTUNG Günther Berghofer (talent foundation) supports students from defined fields of study, e.g. physics, chemistry and economics.

Premium for new students

Students who have previously received a performance bonus for pupils from the Günther Berghofer TalenteSTIFTUNG and who begin their studies immediately after having received their school-leaving certificate or after completing their military service can apply for a one-time bonus of € 500 (net) for new students. Applications are submitted in March or in October for the respective beginning semester.

Performance scholarships for students

Excellent students who have received a premium for new students can apply for a merit scholarship from the second semester of studies onwards if they fulfil the following requirements for the support:

  • 2nd semester: successful completion of the studies induction and orientation stage, 50 ECTS-Credits in the first two semesters
  • From the 3rd semester onwards: 30 ECTS-Credits per semester / 60 ECTS-Credits per academic year
  • Master’s programme: Bachelor’s programme in minimum time, 30 ECTS-Credits per semester / 60 ECTS-Credits per academic year

In addition, other criteria such as voluntary commitment, additional training, soft skills, etc. are taken into account.

The funding amounts to €2,000,– (net) per student and semester and can be applied for once a year in October retrospectively for the past academic year.

Additional funding for students

Excellent, socially disadvantaged students who receive a performance scholarship can also apply for additional funding. In addition to the award of a performance scholarship from the TalenteStiftung Günther Berghofer, the prerequisite for this is the submission of a positive decision from the study grant office in the respective country.

The additional funding amounts to a maximum of €2,000 (net) per student and academic year. The funding is awarded as extra grant (in addition) to a performance grant and is to be applied for together with it.

Supplementary funding

Scholarship holders who have received funding from the TalenteStiftung Günther Berghofer can also take part in a one-time, additional training in the areas of management, economics, rhetoric, presentation techniques etc. This training will be mostly held in the form of compact seminars at renowned institutes or within the scope of a training programme of the ADLER paint factory.

In order to receive this kind of funding, scholarship holders can submit an application to the TalenteStiftung Günther Berghofer at the earliest when they have completed their Bachelor’s degree.

Submission deadlines

Newcomers can submit their application for the new student premium at the beginning of their first semester between 1 October and 31 March. The first submission deadline is October 2020.

Students in higher semesters can submit their application for a performance student scholarship retrospectively for the previous study semester or academic year between 1 and 31 October. The first submission deadline is October 2021. If you meet the requirements for additional funding for students, you can apply for this at the same time as a performance scholarship.

Applications for additional funding e.g. for additional training can be submitted at any time, provided you meet the necessary requirements.

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