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Since the 16 May 2017 all matriculation numbers have 8 digits ::: Doctoral programme with online application ::: Pay your ÖH-fee early ::: Relocation of the University Admission Department

Since the 16 May 2017 all matriculation numbers of the University of Innsbruck have 8 digits

For many decades Austrian matriculation numbers had 7 digits. Since education policy plans to extend the matriculation system of universities to all types of tertiary education institutions, seven digits won’t be enough to distribute a matriculation number to all new students in the future.

For that reason only eight-digit matriculation numbers can be distributed as of the 2017 winter semester and all other existing matriculation numbers will be given an eight digit number.

What do the new matriculation numbers look like?

The old seven-digit matriculation numbers get a leading “0” – so e.g. 8617343 will become 08617343.

New matriculation numbers as of the 2017 winter semester will be headed by the number for the type of the educational institution issuing the matriculation number (1, 2, 3 university, 4 Pädagogische Hochschule, …). The second and third numbers stand for the study year in which the matriculation number is issued.

What are the changes for the students?

Actually not a lot – as of 16 May the new eight-digit matriculation numbers must be used everywhere. “Old” documents and the Student Card do not need to be correct or reissued.

Doctoral programme with online application

With the start of the admission period for the 2017/18 winter semester, the admission to the PhD or Doctoral Programmes resp. will be changed to the system of online application as is known from the Bachelors’ and Masters’ progammes. Applications can be either started directly on LFU:Online or from the profile page of the respective study programme. If a pertinent study programme has not been selected, cumbersome mails within the scope of the determination of the equivalence of prior study programmes are eliminated and the duration of the approval process is considerably shortened. Pertinent study programmes are  immediately admitted after the application as usual.

Pay your ÖH-fee early

This semester once again, dozens of students have forgotten to pay their ÖH-fee or study fee resp. in time, before the end of the period of grace, despite four (!) reminders. So the University Admission Department would like to stress once again the importance of payment on time. Once the deadline has passed, admission for the students is terminated. It is only possible to be readmitted in the following semester within the scope of the admission period and this might lead to serious social law consequences. Moreover exam performances from the respective semester won’t be recognised.

Relocation of the University Admission Department

The University Admission Department will leave their home of many years in the main building of the university and move into the newly adapted rooms on the ground floor of the Josef-Moeller-Haus. The easiest approach is via the entrance to the Geiwi tower.

The University Admission Department will try to make the move preferably without it having consequences for the students, but asks you in this context if possible to make use  of the applications via LFU:Online.

We will inform all students via e-mail on the exact date of our relocation.

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