Predatory Publishing

Be cautious with enquiries about the publication of academic theses

Publishing houses such as the AV Akademikerverlag (former VDM Verlag), the SVH Verlag, the Scholar's Press or the Lehrbuchverlag (all part of the OmniScriptum Publishing Group) systematically contact graduates of Master’s, Diploma or Doctoral programmes and offer to publish their final theses free of charge.

Be careful with such enquiries, because the works are often printed unchecked and without an expert opinion and are sold at high prices via print-on-demand.

If you are aiming for an academic career, it is not advisable to publish with such publishers, as they have no  academic reputation due to the lack of quality features (e.g. lack of peer review). They are therefore only rarely purchased by university libraries or other academic institutions. In addition, you hand over the rights of use to the publisher and, depending on the publisher’s contractual clauses, would be excluded from the use of your work.

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