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New electronic media

Law: E-books from the Verlag Österreich publishing house

The eLibrary at the Verlag Österreich publishing house covers the whole range of the publisher’s legal literature since 2015. Hundreds of current book titles and more than 20 journals from the fields of public law, civil and corporate law as well as criminal law are available online. In addition to the e-books with the publication date 2012 – 2018 and the sound comments 2006 - 2018, we are now offering e-books from 2019.


Natural Sciences: test access to 3 JoVE collections

The Journal of Visualized Experiments, founded in 2006, is the world’s first scientific journal publishing experiments recorded on videos. The following contents are offered:

In addition to the test access, you can already now access:


Economics and social sciences: Tourism Factbook

The Tourism Factbook, as the world’s most comprehensive statistical database on tourism, provides data on over 200 countries. You can find the database on the UNWTO eLibrary website under Tourism Statistics. You can access it via DBIS, via our BibSearch search portal or directly at the UNWTO eLibrary.


Physics, astrophysics and astronomy: e-books from the Institute of Physics

With the collections IOP Concise Physics, IOP Expanding Physics und AAS-IOP Astronomy you have access to around 180 e-books from the fields of physics, astrophysics and astronomy.


All e-books can be searched via BibSearch and are accessible in full text. Access is possible from the IP address range of the Leopold Franzens University or via VPN access from outside of the campus. If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Kern-Flora, University and Provincial Library of the Tyrol, Section of Electronic Media: Tel.: +43 512 507 2418, E-Mail:

New books and e-books

You can find a current list of our new acquisitions of printed books and e-books, which can be sorted by subject groups or libraries, here:


New acquisitions Digital Library

University publications and publications by researchers

The publication server at the University and Provincial Library of the Tyrol is the central component of a digital university library for the storage and provision of online publications:



The digital collections include digitised prints from the historical legacy of the ULB Tirol, such as retro-digitised monographs, university publications and magazines:

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