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Leave of Absence

Upon request, students can be granted leave for one or more semesters in the following cases:
  • fulfilling the military service, training or civil service or a voluntary social year
  • pregnancy
  • child-care obligations or other similar care obligations
  • illness that verifiably prevents the advancing of the studies
  • care of relatives

The request must be filed by the start of the semester (1 March or 1 October resp.) – best via LFU:online.

During the leave of absence the admission to the study programme remains. Participation in courses, passing of examinations and the handing in and evaluation of written papers (e.g. Bachelor’s or Diploma Theses, Dissertations) is not allowed.

Advantage: During my leave of absence I remain within “my” curriculum.

BUT: The transition period for the phasing out of the old curriculum remains unaffected by a leave of absence; this means that the deadline will not be extended!

ATTENTION: A retroactive leave of absence is impossible.

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