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Finance Crowd Analysis Project

The International Management group participates in the #fincap research project. In this project, Thomas Lindner in collaboration with a large co-author team has engaged in a pre-registered (at Open Science Framework) investigation into how the research process influences errors in published research results. After a presentation on November 23 with our data sponsor Deutsche Börse (the session was part of the Microstructure Exchange seminar series), the research paper is now available on SSRN. Titled “Non-Standard Errors”, the paper illustrates substantial variation in research results across teams that tested the same hypotheses on the same dataset. The paper also shows that standard measures of research team quality explain only little of the variation in research results. As the first paper of its kind, “Non-Standard Errors” should kick off a discussion of the human element in the variation of research results.

Results from the #fincap research project



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