The insignia of the faculty

The Faculty Seal

Siegel Rechtswissenschaftliche FakultätThe seal of the Faculty of Law was made in 1677. It shows King Solomon as the epitome of the wise biblical judge who decides between two women fighting for a child whose mother they both claim to be. On both sides of the steps to his throne lions are depicted. The two lions at the bottom act as shield bearers. The right shield shows the double-headed imperial eagle (Leopold I was Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire), while on the left shield the Tyrolean eagle is depicted. The circumscription is as follows: SIGIL(LVM) FACVLTATIS JURIDICAE IN CAESAREO ARCHIDVC(ALI) VNIVERS(ITATE) OENIPONTANA. ANNO M.DC.LXXVII.


See Huter, Franz: Die Anfänge der Innsbrucker Juristenfakultät (1671–1686), in: ZRG, Germ. Abt. 85 (1968), pages 223–247, esp. p. 239 (reprint: Huter, Franz: Ausgewählte Aufsätze zur Geschichte Tirols, eds. Marjan Cescutti und Josef Riedmann (Schlern-Schriften 300). Innsbruck 1997, pages 282–306)


The Faculty Mace

In spring 1826, Johann Steinberger, manufacturer of metalwork in Innsbruck, offered to craft two faculty maces for the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Law at the price of 450 guilders. The figurative design shows King Solomon as the wise judge who decides between two women fighting for a child. The circumscription FACULTAS JVRIDICA is displayed below, while the double-headed imperial eagle is shown on the top.

 Zepter Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät (2)

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See Oberkofler, Gerhard (ed.): Von der Leopoldinischen Universität zur Leopold-Franzens-Universität 1669–1826 (Universitätsleben Vol. 7). no pl., no y., p. 38.

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