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In the final phase of the POSEC project, we have increased our commitment towards the dissemination of the research findings, and we decided to make them available for a larger audience with the aim of bridging the gap between academic knowledge and civil society.

In order to do this, we edited a special issue of the Italian monthly magazine Confronti. Founded in Rome in 1989 and based on a collaboration of believers belonging to different religions and lay people with an interest in religion, politics and society, over the years Confronti has established itself as a leading media in Italy in monitoring the impact of religions on societies, and it is widespread both in print and online. Since 2020, it also started disseminating its contents through the English homepage Confronti World.


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In the November 2021 issue of Confronti, we published six digests elaborated from academic papers on the most relevant topics investigated by the POSEC project, and together with our media partner Confronti we asked eminent Italian and international scholars to discuss our findings by writing short comments. The special issue was introduced by an opening article by Kristina Stoeckl which summarized the findings of the six-years journey of the POSEC and explained why making them available for a general audience is an important outcome of our research. All the material is available both in Italian and in English, in print and open access online.

POSEC’s Confronti publication was presented publicly on December 9, 2021 at the renowned Foundation for Religious Sciences John XXIII in Bologna. On that occasion, Kristina Stoeckl discussed the POSEC research findings with the Italian historian and Unesco Chairholder of the Chair on Religious Pluralism and Peace Alberto Melloni, the judge and politician, former president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Luciano Violante and the Catholic Archbishop of Bologna, Matteo Zuppi.


In this page, we provide the links to all the Italian and English materials which are available online on the Confronti and Confronti World webpages, and the pdf of the printed version of the November Special issue.  



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Intro by Kristina Stoeckl

IT: Il Postsecular Conflicts Research Project 
EN: Introduction to the special number with POSEC Digests 


Digests (6)

IT: La globalizzazione delle culture wars americane e i suoi effetti sulle religioni in tutto il mondo [Just in Italian and in print, no English nor online publication]

IT: Con o senza il Patriarca? L’ascesa della Destra cristiana russa e il Congresso mondiale delle famiglie
EN: With or without the Patriarch? The Rise of the Russian Christian Right and the World Congress of Families
EXCERPT FROM: Kristina Stoeckl, 2020. The rise of the Russian Christian Right: the case of the World Congress of Families. Religion, State and society 48 (4): 223-238.
The excerpt was prepared by Vera Pozzi.


IT: Una questione di radici. L’eredità di Pitirim Sorokin nel conservatorismo transnazionale odierno
EN: Matter of Roots. The Legacy of Pitirim Sorokin in Today’s Transnational Conservatism.
EXCERPT FROM: Dmitrij Uzlaner and Kristina Stoeckl. 2017. The legacy of Pitirim Sorokin in the transnational alliances of moral conservatives. Journal of Classical Sociology 18 (2): 133-153.
The excerpt was prepared by Vera Pozzi. 


IT: Interpretare i conflitti post-secolari nelle società moderne
EN: Interpreting Postsecular Conflicts in Modern Societies
EXCERPT FROM: Kristina Stoeckl, 2020. "Introduction: What Are Postsecular Conflicts?" In Postsecular Conflicts. Debating Tradition in Russia and the United States edited by Dmitry Uzlaner Kristina Stoeckl, 7-22. Innsbruck University Press.
This excerpt was prepared by Vera Pozzi.


IT: L’universalizzazione dei diritti tradizionali: una nuova forma di protagonismo normativo illiberale nella sfera dei diritti umani?
[The Italian version is only in print]
EN: The Universalization of Traditional Values: a New Form of Illiberal Norm Protagonism in the Human Rights Sphere?
EXCERPT FROM: Stoeckl, Kristina, and Kseniya Medvedeva. 2018. “Double bind at the UN: Western actors, Russia, and the traditionalist agenda.” Global Constitutionalism 7 (3): 383-421.
The excerpt was prepared by Vera Pozzi.


IT: Non è solo una questione privata. La transnazionalizzazione della difesa dell’homeschooling come nuovo campo di battaglia del movimento conservatore globale
[The Italian version is only in print]
EN: Not Just a Private Matter: The Transnationalization of Pro-Homeschooling Advocacy as a New Battleground for the Global Conservative Network
EXCERPT FROM: Mourão Permoser, Julia, and Kristina Stoeckl. 2020. “Reframing human rights: the global network of moral conservative homeschooling activists.” Global Networks.
The excerpt was prepared by Vera Pozzi.



Comments (4)

IT: Democrazie ferite.
[The Italian version is only in print]
EN: Wounded Democracies
AUTHOR: Paolo Naso


IT: Paradossi della modernità, i conflitti nell’era post-secolare.
[The Italian version is only in print]
EN: Paradoxes of modernity, conflicts in the post-secular era
AUTHOR: Debora Spini


IT: Culture wars. Locali e transnazionali allo stesso tempo
[The Italian version is only in print]
EN: Culture Wars – local and transnational at one and the same time
AUTHOR: Effie Fokas


IT: Il laboratorio russo di politica e religioni.
[The Italian version is only in print]
EN: The Russian laboratory of politics and religions
AUTHOR: Marco Ventura

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