Mountains & Cinema 

Online Conference | October 14 to 17, 2021

Department of American Studies, University of Innsbruck

mountain cinema 2021

Photo: Tomáš Malík

Call for Papers 

Cinema and mountains afford us with new vistas and visions and offer deep insights into the mobility of the gaze. This conference invites contributions that examine the many connections between mountains and cinema as well as the different ways in which they mediate each other. Mountain cinema enacts global and local visions of the world and is a site of transnational and transcultural negotiations. Although historical studies of mountain film frequently focus on national aspects or approach mountains as cultural and national borders, mountain films have always been deeply invested in globalized panoramic views and charged with ideologies of empire, economy, geopolitics, and gender. By its virtue of rendering the world dynamic and open, cinema shows us the changing social, cultural, and material figurations of mountains. Mediating between human and geological time, cinema reveals the fluidity of mountains and allows us to register changes beyond the human scalar. Mountains afford transnational perspectives and deep insights into conceptions of cinema. Their persistence turns mountain cinema into a stage where the historical interconnectivity of geopolitical, cultural, social, and ecological agencies can be studied in particularly productive ways.


Focusing on transnational and global perspectives, this conference seeks to situate national film traditions in wider historical and cultural contexts. We welcome contributions that explore the manifold relations between cinema and mountains. Possible areas of contribution may include but are not limited to

  • cinematic geographies and re-mappings of national and transnational cinemas
  • networks of production, dissemination, and mediation in transnational, imperial, postcolonial, and global discourses
  • material, perceptual, affective, and social ecologies of mountain cinema
  • cinematic and intermedial poetics of landscape and the impact of mountains on theorizing cinema
  • social and environmental entanglements in the mountains of media-archeological, eco-critical, gender, and network theories
  • economies of the moving image and the relations between mountains and film cultures in the transportation sector, tourism industry, national park systems, etc.
  • transatlantic encounters and historical trajectories that connect Central European and North American film cultures
  • (all) genres of mountain cinema; generic blends and cultural remediations of landscape genres (e.g. transnational remediations of landscape genres such as the Bergfilm or the US Western)


This conference is interested in exploring the global entanglements and interdisciplinary routes between mountains and cinema. While we invite papers on all provenances of mountain cinema, we particularly welcome contributions on transatlantic perspectives. 

In light of the current health concerns and precautions, the event will take place online and on campus. Prerecorded conference papers will be discussed in live zoom sessions. Keynotes and invited plenary panels will be broadcast live from Innsbruck.


Keynote and Plenary Speakers

Jennifer Fay (Professor of Cinema & Media Arts and English, Vanderbilt University, USA)

Richard Grusin (Professor of English and Media Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)

Tom Gunning (Professor Emeritus of Cinema and Media Studies and Art History, University of Chicago, USA)

Alexa Weik von Mossner (Associate Professor of American Studies, University of Klagenfurt, Austria)



Proposals for individual papers (prerecorded and approx. 20 min) and entire panels are welcome. The deadline for submissions is May 16, 2021.

Please click on the link below and follow the instructions:



The conference is organized by the research group “Delocating Mountains” (represented by Christian Quendler and Eva-Maria Müller), Department of American Studies, University of Innsbruck.


Conference Advisory Committee and Support

Belgüzar Çetin, Cornelia Klecker, Benita Lehmann, Sascha Pöhlmann, Benjamin Robbins, Sabine Sanoll, Maximilian Schweigl, Sandra Tausel, Johannes Vith, and Hilde Wolfmeyer.



Research Project – “Delocating Mountains”

Department of American Studies

University of Innsbruck


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