Inf-Integ4Pre-Min-Archaeo short for Information Integration for Prehistoric Mining Archaeology is a research project that aims to combine archaeological field research with remote sensing data and technologies of the Semantic Web to develop new methods of archaeological and spatial data integration and gain new insights on prehistoric landscapes of the Eastern Alps. Inf-Integ4Pre-Min-Archaeo is a Stand-Alone Project funded through the Austrian Science Fund (FWF P 31814).



Archaeological Survey Weikersbach 2019

Manuel Scherer-Windisch and Daniel Brandner carried out large-scale surveys in the prehistoric mining district of Weikersbach (Saalfelden on the Steinernes Meer) in October and November 2019... [read more]



As the title "THE spatial view" suggests, the central theme of AGIT2019, which took place from 3 to 5 July in Salzburg, was the spatial perspective in geoinformatics... [read more]



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