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The ARDRE programme

DP ARDRE is a interdisciplinary EC H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND doctoral training programme for international high-potential early-stage researchers (ESRs) with a focus on ageing research, research in stem cells and regeneration, as well as drug research at the University of Innsbruck (UIBK) in Austria.

DP ARDRE provides training for 12 highly qualified ESR fellows, who wish to obtain a doctoral degree in one of the programme's research areas in biology, chemistry and pharmacy. All ARDRE PhD students are provided with the possibilities and encouragement to assume secondments (between a few weeks and several months) to international academic and intersectoral industrial partner organisations.

Special PhD research training

Our ARDRE PhD students participate in research group seminars and special lectures on the topics of their specific groups, and participate in discussions and collaborations with other MSc and PhD students and postdocs in the groups. These "regular" courses and activities are in accordance with the implemented PhD curricula at UIBK for the various involved scientific disciplines. The curricula are scheduled for four years (eight terms), which is equivalent to 180 ECTS credits, of which 15 ECTS credits are attained through mostly elective training courses.

In addition to the field specific courses, fellows will participate in several of the interdisciplinary specific ARDRE courses and retreats, which address common research issues, problems and tools of relevance for the ESRs. 

ARDRE provides structured training in both research-relevant and professional skills by building expertise in the fields of cellular and organismal ageing, stem cell biology and animal models for regeneration, phytochemistry, drug development and modelling approaches, which procures multiple topical technological, societal and medical applications relevant to the ageing population, regenerative medicine and drug development. 

ARDRE will make a step change in our knowledge of 

  • cellular and organismal ageing mechanisms,
  • stem cell and regeneration biology and 
  • drug discovery, in a well-coordinated network structure.

These three research pillars of ARDRE will be supported by collaborations with academic and non-academic partner organisations, providing complementary tools and expertise plus international and inter-sectoral teaching and training opportunities for the ESR. Doctoral students trained by ARDRE will represent a new generation of biologists, chemists, and pharmacists with unique knowledge of modern developments in ageing and regeneration research alongside a solid understanding of state-of-the-art drug research and drug discovery.

The University

The University of Innsbruck is the largest research and education institution in Western Austria, with more than 28'000 students and 4'800 staff and faculty members.

Innsbruck offers excellent facilities for research and studying in a scenic environment. International rankings confirm the university’s important role in scientific research. UIBK is very well integrated into the European research and education network, and is among the world's top universities regarding internationality of research. Through some 400 partnerships and numerous agreements it has established important relationships with research institutes and universities worldwide. Within this productive environment the university‘s 16 faculties provide a broad spectrum of programmes in all fields of study. The ARDRE training programme is centred in the prestigious research focus "Center for Molecular Biosciences Innsbruck" (CMBI), comprising one of the six research focus areas at UIBK. 


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 847681.

Co-funded by the European Union

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