Kick-off workshop on Agency and (quantum) physics 



The aim of this kick-off workshop is to bring together researchers from philosophy and physics to explore the problem of agency in light of modern scientific views on physical reality. For details on the project Agency and (quantum) physics please see our web-page. 

The workshop will cover a broad range of relevant topics, spanning physics and philosophy, including: 

Quantum Bayesianism; Randomness and free choice in experiments; Agent causation and emergence; Downward causation; Human and animal agency; Metaphysics of science, powers, dispositions, levels; Theories of time and persistence 

The workshop is funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation, and will take place in Innsbruck, Austria, from 30th March - 2nd April 2015.

List of speakers

We are pleased to confirm the following list of speakers:

  • Godehard Brüntrup, Hochschule für Philosophie, München
  • Cord Friebe, University of Bonn
  • Erasmus Mayr, University of Oxford
  • Renato Renner, ETH Zürich
  • Alexander Reutlinger, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at the LMU Munich
  • Rüdiger Schack, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Mariusz Tabaczek, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Talks will also be given by project members:

  • Hans Briegel, University of Innsbruck 
  • Thomas Müller, University of Konstanz
  • Josef Quitterer / Lukas Kraus, University of Innsbruck

Participation and registration

The program of the workshop covers only invited talks.

To express your interest for participation we ask you to sign up (obtain a username and a password) with the workshop registration system using the following link, and selecting Register new, by March 15, 2015. 

Unfortunately, we have a limited capacity for the workshop, and we cannot guarantee that all interested parties will be accepted.

In the process of signing up (obtaining a username and a password) with the registration system, the participants will be asked to fill out a form containing a User comment  box. We ask the participants to use this box to give their research topics, and any affiliation to the speakers. As we have only a limited capacity for the workshop,  the information provided in the User comment box will aid us in prioritizing the candidates.

If you are accepted for the workshop, you will be notified via email by March 18, 2015. 

At that point, you will be given access to Register as Participants with the system.

Note that the conference fee is EUR 240, and will cover all coffee breaks, lunches and the conference dinner.

If you should encounter any problems in the course of registration, please email Vedran Dunjko at vedran.dunjko[at]

Registration system URL:

NEW: Workshop program


  Mon (March 30th) Tue Wed Thu



T. Müller

What can formal modeling contribute to our understanding of agency?

R. Schack

Agency and QBism

J. Quitterer/L. Kraus

Strong autonomy as a necessary condition for agency and its ontological implications

R. Renner

How to avoid the need for free choice

Coffee break

Coffee break

Coffee break

Coffee break


 H. Briegel

Projective simulation as a physical model for agency

C. Friebe

Laws of nature, temporal becoming, and ontological indeterminism 

G. Brüntrup

Agency and Non-Supervenient Emergence

Wrap-up session










E. Mayr

Human and animal agency 

City tour 


conference dinner

M. Tabaczek

Metaphysics of downward 
nonreductionist physicalism
versus new Aristotelianism 

Coffee break


free time

Coffee break


A. Reutlinger

Are higher-level causes  really emergent? 

Each speaker will be given 1 hour for their presentation, followed by 45 minutes allotted for discussions.

The book of abstracts is available for download here.

Important dates

Registration (system sign-up): by March 15, 2015

Workshop dates:

Arrival: March 29, 2015

Workshop sessions: Morning March 30 - Afternoon April 2, 2015

Departure: April 2, 2015 

Venue and accomodation

Innsbruck is situated in the middle of the Alps, at an altitude of about 570m. Innsbruck has hosted the Olympic winter games twice, but it is also a popular destination in summer or autumn. Sights include the historic old town, Ambras Castle, and the ski jump arena at Bergisel, but also cable cars that offer quick access to the mountains, with scenic views of Innsbruck and the Inn valley.

The workshop will be held at Hotel Grauer Bär, a classic 4* Hotel which is in walking distance to the city center - see map of the area.

We have organized accomodations for the invited speakers in the Grauer Bär Hotel itself in Innsbruck, from March 29 - April 2, which is also the venue of the workshop.

We have reserved a certain number of additional rooms, for the accomodation of other participants, however, to be guaranteed a room at the Grauer Bär, send an email to vedran.dunjko[at], by March 10th.

At this point, we cannot help with the expenses for additional students/post-docs. If the budged allows, after the workshop we may be able to reimburse some of these expenses. 

How to get there

Direct Flights and Trains:

There are direct flights to Innsbruck from Frankfurt and Vienna, but also from other European cities (season dependent). Many national and international trains stop at Innsbruck main station.

From Munich

  • By train: There is a good train connection from Munich to Innsbruck. From the airport, take the S1 or S8 (S-Bahn) to Munich main station, from where direct trains to Innsbruck leave. Some of these trains also stop at Munich east (München Ost), which might provide you with a faster connection from the airport. The journey takes around 2 - 2.5 hours. For further details, check the Austrian railway webpage.
  • By shuttleFour Seasons Travel can pick you up at the airport in Munich and transfer you directly to your hotel. The price is 49€ for a one-way transfer and 85€ for a roundtrip.

In Innsbruck

The conference takes place at Hotel Grauer Bär, which is in walking distance to the city center. From the airport, take bus line "F" until stop "Anichstraße/Rathausgalerie", from where it is a 10 minute walk to the hotel.

From the main station, take bus line "4" or "R" until bus stop "Polizeidirektion", or take tram 3 to "Museumstrasse", from where it is a 5 minute walk to the hotel.

Further information is available at or you may search for further connections with the local public transport IVB.

Map of the bus/tram stops close to the hotel.

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