The newsletter of the Research-Platform World Order-Religion-Violence is published once or twice a term and informs about forthcoming events, meetings and recent activities.

Public relations

On 8 November 2008, the research-platform participated in the "Lange Nacht der Forschung" ("Long night of science") with a film-workshop on the situation in 1968 ("1968: Was ist damals passiert?").

On 28 September 2007, the research-platform participated in the European Researchers Night with a film-workshop on Alfred Hitchcock's "The Lifeboat".

Wer hat Platz im RETTUNGSBOOT?
Was wir von Hitchcock über Toleranz und Gewalt in Krisensituationen lernen können.

On 5 April 2008, the research-platform presented one year of activities and future projects at the "Zukunftsplattform Obergurgl 2008", organized by the Vice-Rectorate for Research of the University of Innsbruck.


Printed info-folders can be ordered with Mathias Moosbrugger.

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