Publications of Federica Malfatti

Articles and Book Chapters

Malfatti, F. I. Forthcoming. Towards Ideal Understanding. Ergo. (With Mario Hubert)

Malfatti, F. I. Forthcoming. Understanding and Transmission. The Blackwell Companion to Epistemology, Third Edition

Malfatti, F. I. Forthcoming. Epistemic Authority. The Blackwell Companion to Epistemology, Third Edition

Malfatti, F. I. 2022. Understanding Phenomena: From Social to Collective? Philosophical Issues (Nous Supplement) 32 (1): 253-267. 

Malfatti, F. I. 2021. Do We Deserve Credit for Everything We Understand? Episteme, online first. 

Malfatti, F. I. 2021. Introduction to the topical collection “True enough? Themes from Elgin”Synthese 199: 1293-1305.

Malfatti F. I. 2021. The Social Fabric of Understanding: Equilibrium, Authority, and Epistemic Empathy. Synthese 199: 1185-1205.  (With Christoph Jäger.)

Malfatti, F. I. 2021. On Understanding and Testimony. Erkenntnis 86: 1345-1365.

Malfatti, F. I. 2020. Can Testimony Transmit Understanding? Theoria (Sweden) 86 (1): 54-72. See also the reply by Eric G​ilbertson, Understanding by Testimony: A Reply to Malfatti. Forthcoming in Theoria (Sweden). 

Malfatti, F. I. 2019. Can Testimony Generate Understanding? Social Epistemology 33 (6): 477-490. 

Malfatti, F. I. 2019. Der Wert des Wissens. In: Handbuch Erkenntnistheorie, M. Grajner, G. Melchior (Eds.), J. B. Metzler, Springer, Stuttgart, pp. 102-109 (with Christoph Jäger).

Malfatti, F. I. 2018. On the Epistemological Potential of Worrall’s Structural Realism. Philosophical Inquiries 2: 9-24.

Malfatti, F. I. 2018. Scientific Realism as the Most Reasonable Choice?

Edited Volumes

Malfatti F. I. 2019. True Enough? Themes from Elgin. Synthese, Topical Collection. (Guest Editor with Christoph Jäger.)


Malfatti, F. I. 2023. Verstehen verstehen. Eine erkenntnistheoretische UntersuchungBerlin: Schwabe Verlag.

Malfatti, F. I. 2016. Willard van Orman Quine e l’incertezza ontologica. Mimesis, Milano, pp. 1-120.

Book Review

Malfatti, F. I. Forthcoming. Review of Kevin McCain's book: Understanding How Science Explains the World. Philosophical Problems in Science

Work in progress

- A paper on the grasping component of understanding. 

- A paper on understanding and epistemic autonomy.

- A paper on the differences between knowledge and understanding.

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