Recent and Upcoming Talks


  • Conference  "New Waves in the Epistemology of Epistemic Authority and Expert Testimony", October 2023, University of Dresden: How and What Do We Learn from AI Systems? (invited).
  • Conference "Kann Theologie eine Wissenschaft sein?", September 2023, University of Innsbruck. Comment on Markus Kunze's paper (invited).
  • Conference "Understanding: One or Many?", July 2023, Ruhr University Bochum:  Understanding Quantum Mechanics (with Mario Hubert).
  • Research Seminar, July 2023, KIT, University of Karlsruhe: Understanding the Quantum World - The Role of Mechanisms (invited).
  • Conference "Truth in Evaluation", June 2023, University of Alghero: Truth in Understanding between the Arts and the Sciences (invited).
  • SURe5 Workshop, May 2023, University of Toronto: Understanding Quantum Mechanics. How Physics Can Represent Our Epistemic Wishes (with Mario Hubert).
  • Conference on Mario Alai's Work, April 2023, University of Urbino: Understanding Realism (invited).
  • Workshop with Catherine Z. Elgin on Her New Book "Epistemic Ecology", March 2023, Humboldt University of Berlin: Elgin on Teaching and Understanding  (invited).


  • Workshop on The Epistemology of Understanding, October 2022, University of Zurich:  Modelling Understanding (Phenomena)  (Invited.)
  • GAP11, September 2022, University of Berlin: From Knowledge to Understanding? What Testimony Cannot Teach. 
  • Workshop Authority and Autonomy, May 2022, University of Innsbruck. Comment on the paper "Science or Science Fundamentalism?" by Katherine Dormandy.
  • Conference Reflective Equilibrium: 51 Years after A Theory of Justice, University of Bern, May 12-14 2022: Are reflective equilibrium and understanding collective achievements?
  • Testimony and Communication Workshop, University of Oslo, August 2022: From Knowledge to Understanding? What Testimony Cannot Teach.


  • Kolloquium, Philosophy Department, University of Dresden, December 15 2021: Epistemisches Vertrauen und Autonomie. Konflikt oder Bündnis? 
  • Nottingham Department Seminar, University of Nottingham, October 27 2021: Trust, Autonomy, and Understanding.
  • Colloquium in Logic and Philosophy of Science, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP), July 2021: Seeing in Understanding.
  • 3rd Scientific Understanding and Representation (SURe) annual workshop, Radboud University,  17th of April 2021, via Zoom: Ideal understanding (with Mario Hubert).
  • The Cologne Knowledge Router, 19th of March 2021. Commentary on the paper "In Defense of Epistemic Autonomy: A Kantian Proposal" by Alix Cohen (Edinburgh), University of Cologne, via Zoom.
  • Caltech Reading Group in the Philosophy of Physics, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), 10th of March 2021: Ideal Understanding (with Mario Hubert). 


  • Workshop Testimony and Beyond, University of Fribourg, November 2020: Do We Deserve Credit for Everything We Understand?
  • Understanding and Progress Workshop, University of Reykjavik, July 2020: Understanding Phenomena (to Some Extent) (online).
  • Epistemology Seminar, organised by Peter Brössel, Anna-Maria Eder, and Branden Fitelson, June 2020: Reflective Equilibrium, Authority, and Understanding (online). 
  • Research Seminar, organised by Jesús Vega Encabo, January 2020, Universitad Autonoma de Madrid: Understanding and its Relation to Knowledge.


  • Research Serminar, Düsseldorf Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science (November 2019), University of Düsseldorf: Modelling Understanding.
  • Austrian Neuroscience Association Conference (September 2019), University of Innsbruck: What Is This Thing We Call "Model"?
  • Philosophisches Café Meran (September 2019), Unwissenheit und Illusion des Wissens (Ignorance and Illusion of Knowledge).
  • Bled Epistemology Conference - Social Epistemology and the Politics of Knowing (June 2019), Bled, Slovenia: "On Understanding and Testimony".
  • Philosophisches Café (January 2019), Die Bäckerei Innsbruck, "Ignorance and Illusion of Knowledge".


  • International Workshop on "Understanding" (December 2018), organized by Mathias Frisch, University Hannover, "Understanding, Truth, and Awareness of Limits".
  • SMS 2018, IV Conference of the Society for the Metaphysics of Science (August 2018), University Mailand, "Worrall´s structural realism, knowledge, and scientific understanding".
  • EEN, European Epistemology Workshop (June 2018), VU Amsterdam, “Understanding and Explaining. What´s the Role of Truth?”.
  • International Workshop Explanation and Understanding (May 2018), Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science (University of Ghent) and Research Group Philosophy of Science and Technology (VU Amsterdam), "On the possibility of understanding without (true) explanation".
  • Workshop Realismo scientifico e spiegazione/Scientific Realism and Explanation (Mai 2018), University Urbino: "Sul rapporto tra spiegazione e comprensione scientifica" (On the Relation between Explanation and Scientific Understanding).
  • International Book Symposium “True enough?” (March 2018), with Prof. Catherine Z. Elgin (Harvard University), University of Innsbruck, "Epistemic Authority, Reflective Equilibrium, and Understanding" (with Christoph Jäger).


  • Copenhagen Political Epistemology Workshop (December 2017), organized by Clemens Kappel, University of Copenhagen, "Toward an inquirer model of epistemic authority" (with Christoph Jäger).
  • International Workshop: Understanding Quantum Mechanics (November 2017), organized by Michael Esfeld and Mario Hubert, University of Lausanne, "Do we understand (through) quantum mechanics?".
  • SOPhiA2017, Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy (September 2017), University of Salzburg, "What Worrall’s structural realism might have been about. From the limits of knowledge to the possibility of understanding".
  • ECAP9, 9th European Congress of Analytic Philosophy (August 2017), MCMP, LMU Munich, "What Worrall’s structural realism might have been about. From the limits of knowledge to the possibility of understanding".
  • SILFS2017, Triennal International Conference of the Italian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science (June 2017), University of Bologna, "Understanding quantum mechanics: a tentative modal account".
  • New Trends in Epistemology, FINO/SIFA Graduate Conference in Mind, Language and Science (June 2017), University of Pavia, "Testimony as a source of understanding?" (with Johannes Findl, Logos Research Group, University of Barcelona).
  • Seminar "Reflections on Scientific Realism" (May 2017), University of Urbino, "Truth and its limits" (with Mario Alai, University of Urbino).
  • Dialoghi: Intorno all’infinito (May 2017), Biblioteca Provinciale Italiana “Claudia Augusta”, "How to think about the Unlimited. Philosophy meets Theology" (with Prof. Paul Renner, University of Bressanone-Brixen).
  • International Workshop: "Believing on authority?" (May 2017) University of Innsbruck, "Testimony as a source of understanding?" (with Johannes Findl, Logos Research Group, University of Barcelona).


  • SEFA, 8th Meeting of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy (November 2016), University of Oviedo, "How we understand through models in science".
  • Portuguese Philosophical Society, The second Portuguese Congress for Philosophy (September 2016), University of Oporto, "Understanding through models. The role of structure".
  • SIFA, XII Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (August 2016) University of Pistoia, "Scientific realism as the most reasonable choice?"
  • SILFS, Third Postgraduate Conference for Logic and Philosophy of Science (June 2016), University of Urbino, "Understanding through models. The role of structure".


  • GAP, Doktorandenworkshop (2014), University of Köln/Bonn, "Ontologische Relativität. Was bleibt von Quines Realismus übrig?".
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