Publications of Federica Malfatti

Articles and Book Chapters

Malfatti, F. I. 2020. Can Testimony Transmit Understanding? Theoria (Sweden) 86 (1): 54-72. Doi: [more]

Malfatti, F. I. 2019. On Understanding and Testimony. Erkenntnis, online first. Doi:

Malfatti, F. I. 2019. Can Testimony Generate Understanding? Social Epistemology 33 (6): 477-490. Doi:

Malfatti, F. I.  2019. Der Wert des Wissens. In: Handbuch Erkenntnistheorie, M. Grajner, G. Melchior (Eds.), J. B. Metzler, Springer, Stuttgart, pp. 102-109 (with Christoph Jäger).

Malfatti, F. I. 2018. On the Epistemological Potential of Worrall’s Structural Realism. Philosophical Inquiries 2: 9-24. Doi:

Malfatti, F.I. 2018. Scientific Realism as the Most Reasonable Choice? Isonomia – Epistemologica:  1-17.

Edited Volumes

Malfatti F. I. 2019. True Enough? Themes from Elgin. Synthese, Topical Collection. (Guest Editor with Christoph Jäger.)


Malfatti, F. I. 2016. Willard van Orman Quine e l’incertezza ontologica. Mimesis, Milano, pp. 1-120.

Under Review

A paper on Epistemic Authority and Understanding (with Christoph Jäger). 

Work in progress

- A paper on the grasping component of understanding. 

- A paper on understanding and epistemic autonomy.

- A paper on the differences between knowledge and understanding.

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