Publications of Christoph Jäger

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Selbstreferenz und Selbstbewusstsein (Self-Reference and Self-Knowledge), Paderborn 1999 (mentis)

Rechtfertigung und religiöser Glaube (Justification and Religious Belief), Habilitationsschrift, Leipzig 2003

Books and editions

  True Enough? Themes from Elgin, ed. with Federica I. Malfatti, Topical Collection/Special Issue of Synthese (2019) [more]

Luis de Molina: Göttlicher Plan und menschliche Freiheit -- Concordia, Disputatio 52, Latin-German, translated and with notes and introduction by Christoph Jäger, Hans Kraml and Gerhard Leibold, Hamburg: Philosophische Bibliothek Felix Meiner, 2018

Epistemology: Contexts, Values, Disagreement, (Proceedings of the 34th International Ludwig Wittgenstein-Symposium in Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria 2011. Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society. New Series 19), (Ed.) with Winfried Löffler, Heusenstamm b. Frankfurt - Lancaster: Ontos-Verlag. 2012

Contextualisms in Epistemology, (ed.) with Elke Brendel, Dordrecht 2005 (Springer)

Kunst und Erkenntnis (Art and Knowledge), (ed.) with Georg Meggle, Paderborn 2005 (mentis)

Analytische Religionsphilosophie (Analytical Philosophy of Religion), (ed.) Paderborn 1998 (UTB)

Recent Articles include (selection)

False Authorities, Acta Analytica (2024)  

Epistemic Authority, forthcoming in Oxford Handbook of Social Epistemology, ed. Jennifer Lackey & Aidan McGlynn 

The Social Fabric of Understanding: Equilibrium, Authority, and Epistemic Empathy, mit Federica I. Malfatti, in Synthese (2020). [more]

Religious Experience and the Probability of Theism: Comments on Swinburne, Religious Studies 53 (2017), 353-370; reply by Richard Swinburne, Religious Studies 53 (2017), 403-418.

Fischer's Fate with Fatalism, European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 9 (4), 2017, 25–38, doi:10.24204/ejpr.v9i4.2027, reply by John Martin Fischer, European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 9 (4), 2017     

Epistemic Authority, Preemptive Reasons, and Understanding, Episteme 13 (2016), reply by Linda Zagzebski ("Replies to Christoph Jäger and Lizzie Fricker"), Episteme 13 (2016)

Looking Into Meta-Emotions, with Eva Bänninger-Huber, Synthese 192 (2015), 787-811

Contextualism and the Knowledge Norm of Assertion”, Analysis 72/3 (2012), 491 - 498

Reliabilism and the Extra Value of Knowledge, with Wayne Davis, Philosophical Studies 157 (2012), 93-105

Reliability and Future True Belief: Reply to Olsson and Jönsson, Theoria 77 (2011)

“Process Reliabilism and the Value Problem”, Theoria 77 (2011), Replik von Erik J. Olsson und Martin L. Jönsson ("Kinds of Learning and the Likelihood of Future True Beliefs: Reply to Jäger on Reliabilism and the Value Problem"), Theoria 77 (2011)

Molina on Foreknowledge and Transfer of Necessities, in  God, Eternity, and Time, ed. Christian Tapp and Edmund Runggaldier, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2011

"Affective Ignorance", Erkenntnis 71 (2009)

Is Coherentism Coherent?", Analysis 67.4 (2007)

Meta-Emotions, with Anne Bartsch, Grazer Philosophische Studien 73 (2006)

Religiöse Erfahrung und epistemische Zirkularität, Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie (2005), S. 223-238

Warrant, Defeaters, and the Epistemic Basis of Religious Belief, in Scientific Explanation and Religious Belief, ed. Michael Parker and Thomas Schmidt, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2005

Skepticism, Information, and Closure”, Erkenntnis 61 (2004). Replies by Fred Dretske (Information and Closure), Nicholas Shackel (Shutting Dretke's Door), and Peter Baumann (Information, Closure, And Knowledge: On Jäger's Objection to Dretske), all in Erkenntnis 64 (2006)

Epistemic Deontology, Doxastic Voluntarism, and the Principle of Alternate Possibilities, in Knowledge and Belief, Proceedings of the 26th International Wittgenstein Symposium Kirchberg/Wechsel, ed. Winfried Löffler and Paul Weingartner, Vienna 2004

Contextualist Approaches to Epistemology: Problems and Prospects, with Elke Brendel, Erkenntnis  61 (2004)

Religious Experience and Epistemic Justification: Alston on the Reliability of 'Mystical Perception', in Argument und Analyse, ed. C. Ulisses Moulines and Karl-Georg Niebergall, Paderborn: mentis-Verlag, 2002


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