Recent and Upcoming Talks by Christoph Jäger 


  • "Are preemptive reasons source-sensitive defeaters?", Cologne Summer School in Philosophy 2021, August 3, University of Cologne
  • Epistemic Authority, Research Colloquium, Dept. of Philosophy, June 8, University of Erlangen-Nuernberg


  • Madrid (invited)
  • Epistemische Autorität und Verstehen, 12. Juli, Symposium: Analytiscshe Explikationen und Interventionen, Salzburg (invited)
  • Epistemische Autorität und Verstehen, 10. April, Philosophical Colloquium at the University of Erfurt (invited)
  • "Epistemic Authority and Understanding", Workshop Epistemic Trus in the Epistemology of Expert Testimony, 7. März, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuernberg (keynote, invited)


  • "Epistemic Authority, Reflective Equilibrium, and Understanding", with Federica Malfatti, talk at the international Book Symposium True Enough?, with Catherine Z. Elgin, March 22-23, University of Innsbruck
  • Comment on Paul Faulkner "On Conversion",  1st Social Epistemology Network Conference, May 23-24, University of Oslo
  • "Fake Authorities", keynote lecture at the International Conference Fake Knowledge, June 1-2, University of Cologne
  • Subverting Epistemic Submission, with Nicholas Shackel, talk at the international conference of the European Epistemology Network, June 28.-30., Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Introductory Address and Co-Organization, with Elke Brendel, of the colloquium "Epistemic Authority", GAP 10: "Vielfalt in der Philosophie und darüber hinaus/Plurality in Philosophy and Beyond", 10th International Congress of the Society for Analytic Philosophy, September 17-20, University of Cologne
  • "Facing Meta-Emotions", talk at a symposium in honor of Eva Baenninger-Huber, Dept. of Psychology, 6-7 September, University of Innsbruck
  • TBA, talk at the international conference Determinism and Freedom, organized by Joerg Noller and Marco Hausmann, November 15-16, Munich Center for Ethics, LMU Munich
  • TBA, Keynote lecture of the workshop "Epistemisches Vertrauen und Autorität", November 19, University of Dresden


  • TBA, Workshop "Political Epistemology", organized by Klemens Kappel, December 18-19, Copenhagen
  • TBA, talk at the Workshop "Wissen-Verstehen-Erklären", Nov. 24-26, organized by Gerhard Schönrich, TU Dresden
  • Conductor of the section Philosophy of Religion, XXIV. international Congress of the German Society for Philosophy, Sept. 24-27,, Berlin
  • Panel talk at "Was können wir wissen, was wollen wir glauben?", organized by Lauter Leise e.V. and Erich-Zeigner-Haus e.V., Leipzig, discussion on the impact of conspiracy theories, with Jürgen Kasek and Frank Richter, wissen-vs-glauben.html, Sept. 23, 19:30-22:00, Erich-Zeigner-Haus, Leipzig
  • The Trust Argument for Epistemic Preemptionism, June 5.-9., Bled Epistemology Conference, June 2017 in Bled
  • Trusting an Epistemic Authority, international workshop „Believing on Authority?“, May 23, Innsbruck


  • "Epistemic Trust and Intellectual Authority", International conference "Philosophical Dimensions of Trust", Dec. 15-16, University of Innsbruck
  • "Foreknowledge and Fatalism", international workshop "Time and Religion", Dec. 10, University of Cambridge
  • "Believing on Authority", conference "The Structure of Credition", Nov. 23-26, University of Graz
  • "Fischer über Vorauswissen und Freiheit", Oct. 15, Ettaler Oberseminar, Kloster Ettal
  • "Socratic Epistemic Authority and Religious Disagreement", Workshop "Religious Pluralism and Disagreement", June 22-23, Konszanz University
  • "Sokratische Autorität und Verstehen", June 26, international conference "Soziale Erkenntnistheorie", June 24-26, University of Cologne


  • Dissens mit epistemischen Autoritäten, lecture series Dissens-Disagreement, organized by Manuela Kälin, Meret Polzer & Nico Müller, March 30, Zurich
  • Meta-Emotionen oder: Was fühlen wir über die eigenen Gefühle?, May 07, Philosophisches Café Innsbruck
  • Dissens und sokratische Autorität, Workshop Neue Perspektiven der Erkenntnistheorie, organized by Pedro Schmechtig, May 15-17,  Dresden
  • Socratic Epistemic Authority, Bled Epistemology Conference, June 1-5 in Bled
  • FACS and Higher-Order Emotions, International FACS Conference 2015, Pre-Conference of The International ISRE Conference 2015 (International Society for Research on Emotions), July 6-7 in Geneva
  • Meta-Emotions and Survivor's Guilt, International ISRE Conference 2015 (International Society for Research on Emotions), July 8-10 in Geneva
  • Epistemische Autorität, July 15, University of Cologne 
  • Swinburne on Religious Experience. Symposium of the Britisch Society for Philosophy of Religion in celebration of Richard Swinburne's 80es anniversary, September 12, Oriel College, Oxford


  • Epistemic Authority, Preemptive Reasons, and Understanding. 88th Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA), Pacific Division, April 16-20 in San Diego 
  • TBA. Lecture at the workshop Neue Perspektiven der Erkenntnistheorie (New Perspectives on Epistemology), May 23-25, Dresden
  • Looking into Meta-Emotions, Inaugural Conference of the European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions, July 18-20 in Lisbon

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