Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. Hans GOLLER SJ

Retired since 1st of October 2008.

Department for Christian Philosophy
Karl-Rahner-Platz 1
A-6020 Innsbruck

E-mail: hans.goller@uibk.ac.at

Office hours: On appointment


Research interests

My main research focuses on philosophical issues in psychology related to the current understanding of the relationship between consciousness and brain processes. How are consciousness, experience, behavior, and action associated with neural activities? What specific roles do emotions play in decision making, thinking, behavior, and action? Is free will really a mere illusion as some neuroscientists suggest? During my work in the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy I came across these questions. Recently, I dealt with research findings in the field of neurotheology and near-death-experiences which challenge the widely held conviction that the brain produces consciousness and consciousness does not survive brain death because it ceases when brain activity ceases. Results of my inquiries can be found in the following publications:

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